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01:24 | Aug 17 | 2011

Music Record of Yakutia

The Sakha Republic is inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the place of performance of the most numerous khomus (trump) ensemble in the world. The musical tune was simultaneously played by 1344 people.

This amazing event took place at the building of the State Circus of Yakutia on June 24 and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most massive synchronous performance of trump music. After confirming the accuracy of the count of the present khomus-players, the authoritative Guinness World Records judge, Claire Burgess not only officially documented the record but also appreciated the clarity of the tune aurally. The melody of the Yakut national dance Ohuokhai was chosen for the performance.

The organizers admited that it was easy to collect more than 1000 people – both professional musicians and amateurs – for the simultaneous play on khomuses. “If it were not for the Guinness World Records rules under which such attempts must be made indoors the ensemble would have gathered 2–3 times players more. And in this way we were restricted by the inner space of the State Circus,” said Valery Maximov, a representative of the organizing committee of the event, the Minister of Federal Affairs and External Relations of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Breaking a world record was the culmination of the VII International Congress – Festival “Khomus in the World’s Cultural Space”, held in Yakutsk on June 23–26. This prestigious international forum brought together performers and khomus lovers from more than 20 countries around the world. Yakut Fuel and Energy Company (Yatec) was a sponsor of the event.

Khomus (trump) music, without doubt, needs to be listened live. Even a small ensemble is able to awaken a various emotions: one would think of his native place, would hear the sounds of wind, and patter of hoofs and the breath of wild nature, and the feeling of freedom, which a man loses with age, would be waken up.

Each khomus is unique in its own way. All masters who produce these unusual musical instruments bring in something of their own. Therefore, a true master in Yakutia is greatly honoured, admittedly, as well as a virtuoso performer.

Yakutia has a special place in the world of khomus music. This instrument has become really popular here. When welcoming the participants of the VII International Congress of Trump Music, Egor Borisov, the President of the Sakha Republic, said that “at all times khomus helped to express the innermost thoughts, emotions and feelings of people, made it easier to bear hardships of the harsh northern life”.

The record was repeated as an open-air show at the Ysyakh festival in Us Khatyn near Yakutsk on June 25. This time all comers were able to join the ensemble and therefore the green fields and birch forests of Us Khatyn sang out in a tuned choir of three thousand khomus players.