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13:01 | Jun 04 | 2014

Consul General of Japan to visit Yakutia

 The forthcoming visit of the Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk HideakiNoguchi wasin the focus ofhis meeting with GeorgyNikonov,the permanent representative of Yakutia in the Far Eastern Federal District, informs the Permanent Mission’s Press Center.

During the meeting, George Nikonov told the Consul General about Yakutia, expressed hope for long and fruitful cooperation and assured him of the friendliest intentions.

Mr. Noguchi has expressed a desire to participate in the celebration of Ysyakhof Olonkho, to meet the leadership of the republic, to visit the Lena Pillars Nature Park, whichis listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They also discussed the details of the Japanese cinema festival in the Tsentralnycinema theatre in Yakutsk.



The permanent representative noted that Yakutia and Japan have had a close long-term relationship. "We hope that your trip to Yakutia will further develop and strengthen the cooperation between our two countries," - he said.

Hideaki Noguchi emphasized that Yakutia and Japan have great potential for the development of relations, according to the website of the state bodies of the republic.