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14:49 | May 30 | 2014

Chinese broadcaster CCTV completing first phase of filming @ Arctic

 From 26 to 30 May, Yakutsk hosted the Chinese CCTV Business Channel television crew, which is making a documentary series about the Russian Arctic under the title @ Arctic.


CCTV is the central television of the People's Republic of China. CCTV Company has a huge audience, broadcasting throughout China.

CCTV is shooting a documentary television series about the Arctic. The film is to present various aspects of modern life in the Arctic, including conservation of the biological diversity of the fauna; the life and the lifestyle of indigenous peoples of the North; to show breathtaking sceneries and the diverse nature. The filming has taken place in St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, and Lovozero.

During their stay in Yakutsk, the broadcaster filmed the city attractions, traditions and life of the peoples of the republic. For example, the crew was given a traditional blessing ritual "Algys" at the Center for Spiritual Culture — the House of Archy, met with and filmed a few episodes with Yakut shamans. The Institute of Applied Ecology of the North offered a full tour of the Mammoth Museum, where the film crew managed to make some valuable shots. The crew was also impressed with an interesting tour and shooting in the State Treasury of Yakutia.

The TV delegation had a meeting with Mikhail Kulikov, Deputy Minister of Federal Affairs and External Relations of the republic. The Chinese side was represented by Liu Shiping ( ), the film director, Ksenia Mikhailova, the producer for filming in Russia, and Zhang Yuyxuan ( ), deputy producer. The meeting commenced with the traditional presentation of the video about the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Chinese. Mikhail Kulikov breifed the guests about the republic and the main directions of its development. Yakutia is one of the most active regions in the Russian-Chinese cooperation. The government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) attaches special importance to cooperation with China. In their turn, the Chinese side told about the project and thanked the Ministry for their support and assistance in the filming. The completion of the documentary editing is scheduled in one-year time. The film tells about the beauty of nature and life of the Arctic region.


Press Service of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and External Relations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)