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10:24 | May 27 | 2014

National Fine Arts Museum opens a unique exposition in Germany

 The National Fine Arts Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has presented and opened an exposition of the international project "Yakut balagan" in the Grassi Museum  in Leipzig.

The opening ceremony started with the ritual of tying piecs of textile and traditional Yakut blessing. Welcoming speeches came from the project managers - Birgit Scheps-Bretschneider,  acting Grassi Museum director, Asya Gabysheva, directir of the National Fine Arts Museum of Yakutia, and Alexander Zhirkov, Speaker of the republic's State Assembly (Il Tumen) .

 Julia Lutsenko, Chief Researcher of the NFAM of the RS(Y): " Alexander Zhirkov made a  lively speech. He welcomed the audience in German, spoke on the importance of the balagan for the Yakuts, guided a tour of this traditional Yaklut dwelling, and presented the project. He also noted the interest in our culture from researcher Marina Ando, Grassi Museum curator, and Felix Schwerin, the museum conservator.”

Gabriella Golfuse, head of the international relations office in Leipzig administration also congratulated on the opening of the exhibition. The performance of Albina Degtyareva, the leader of Ayarkhaan ethnic group, stirred great interest, she gave the museum their discs and her book of poems "Aiyllyy" published in five languages.

At the opening ceremony, the guests and visitors to the museum were able to watch videos about Yakutia, as well as feature films and documentaries by Yakut directors.

The working group of researchers of the National Fine Arts Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), under the supervision of Director Asya Gabysheva is going to study Yakut exhibits in museums in Germany: the Dahlem Ethnographic Museum (Berlin), the Museum of World Cultures (Frankfurt on the Main), the Linden Museum (Stuttgart) and others which have the largest and most carefully preserved collections of Yakut items.