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11:56 | May 26 | 2014

American aviation veterans arrive in Yakutsk

 A delegation of the U.S. Air Force veterans has arrived in Yakutsk to negotiate a flight of Douglas AC-47, which was supplied along the Alaska-Siberia route during World War II, informs the regional office of  DOSAAF (Voluntary Organization for Army, Air Force and Navy Support) in Yakutia.

"Our American friends have come for the third time. The purpose of their visit is to prepare for the festive events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and the end of World War II,"- said Natalia Chernykh, the Museum of Military Glory worker.

According to her, the guests met with Dmitry Glushko, the state advisor of Yakutia, to coordinate the actions. "We have one year ahead, just enough to coordinate everything with our government, both technical and crossing the borders issues," - she added.

The second goal of the American guests' visit is to assist in the development of small aviation. "We used to have small aviation well developed, and now it is gone," - said Ms Chernykh.

The delegation consists of Dwayne King, an instructor pilot and aircraft mechanic, Mike Robe,  a pastor and a pilot, and Tom Rieger, an instructor pilot and aircraft mechanic, who last year helped Yakut climbers to commemorate the pilots ferrying American fighters from Fairbanks to Yakutsk, and then - to the front. The climbers hoisted flags of Yakutia and the hometown of Yakutsk at the top of Mount McKinley.

Yakutia Sakha News Agency