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11:48 | May 26 | 2014

Herders of Yakutia keep about 200 thousand reindeer

 As of 23 May 2014, according to the real-time data, livestock enterprises of all types keep 195,118 reindeer, including 78,642 does. It is 10% more than as of the beginning of the year (177,431 heads), informs the Press Center of the Sakha  Ministry of Agriculture.

These days, the mass calving is coming to an end. In total, reindeer herders have gained 34,572 calves, which makes 123.9% against the last year. As usual, Nizhnekolymsky region is leading with 6,618 heads, followed by Ust-Yansky region with 4,850 heads, Bulunsky region with 3,288 heads, and Anabarsky region with 2,741 heads.

The Arctic regions of the republic are experiencing rapid warming. The reindeer herders need to complete the calving, delivering of food supplies, equipment, firewood for the tundra area along the migration routes and start moving to summer pastures.