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10:42 | May 23 | 2014

Biotechnologists of Yakutia need Republic's Biotechnologies Park

 Biotechnologists of the republic are going to promote the idea of building a specialized center. They informed about this intention on a press conference at the State Committee for Innovative Policy and Science of Yakutia, reports Yakutia Sakha News Agency.

The Centre will unite all the isolated small businesses and organizations which do research in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. The IT Park, construction of which is approved and supported by the government of the republic, is taken as an example.

"At the moment we are having problems with the equipment, premises and land. Also, there are certain sanitary norms and production rules. We want to raise the question of creating a biopharmaceutical cluster or center to bring all these facilities together," - said Mikhail Neustroev, Head of Department of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, Yakut Research Institute of Agriculture, explaining the need for the specialized biotechnology center.

Thanks to out joint efforts, we have got a laboratory for conducting research in biotechnology, which will be shared. Still, the center is necessary. To boost the industry, we need support from both the republic's government and the federal center.