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00:24 | Dec 29 | 2013

Yakutia through the Eyes of Foreigners

In recent years, Yakutia is stirring interest of foreigners. However, many of them don’t even know where the largest administrative and political unit in the world is located. People from different countries shared their ideas of the republic. Ordinary people answered the questions mainly related to climate, nature, and occupation of the Yakutians.
 Yakutia ... I see it as something very cool and mysterious. - Iyohannes Gutman, Austrian businessman, says. - Yakutia is a huge region, much larger than the whole Austria. I imagine a wild, virgin, magnificent nature of Yakutia, northern lights ... Very strong winds, northern seas, intense cold, and permafrost. Of course, not only bears but also people live there. Everyone knows about the Yakutian diamonds; it should have large industry where many people are engaged in production and processing. I think that many of them work on extraction of gas, oil and other natural resources such as wood, silver and gold. It hardly has developed agriculture. There is a very long winter in Yakutia. And summer ... summer is very short and warm. Temperature is + 30 - 35 ° C lasting for only for 1-2 months. In general, it is very hot or very cold, but the sun always shines in their hearts!
- Frankly speaking, unfortunately, I do not know what Yakutia is and where it is located. - Hans Hassle,the Swede, says honestly. - But when I look at the map I think that this region is very cold and Spartan. The air is dry and rarefied. Winter must have a lot of snow, which lies to the horizon. Hills are near and mountains are distant. The locals may probably be engaged in animal husbandry: they keep cattle and other livestock. They also may industrially use rivers. I think that Yakutia has cold climate. Summer lasts for 5 - 6 months; winters are very cold with the temperatures lower than – 30 - 40 °C. The average annual temperature is probably like in Sweden.
Brynn Stephens, America:
- I've never heard of Yakutia - Brynn looks at the map. - Yeah, I thought it was all just Siberia. There are a lot of forests in this region and probably there is a plain. It is cold. I would say that most people work in factories. The region must be rich in forests, lumber, and minerals. I think Yakutia has a very short summer, just a couple of months, which is not very warm - the average temperature can be +17 °C. Winters are very cold and snowy with an average temperature of - 20 °C; the spring and summer climate is similar to the European average climate.
Pamir Öktem, Turkey:
- Looking at the location of the region, it seems to me that there is very cold, especially in its northern part. There are many forests, so, the timber industry is rather developed. Fishing is also well developed there for sure. Probably, the winter temperature is 5 - 10 degrees below zero, and the summer is 25 - 30 degrees of heat. Most likely, people can walk in T-shirt and shorts in the streets only for a couple of months.
Luboš Dvorak, Czech Republic:
- In my opinion, it is very cold there. Part of Yakutia is located in the permafrost zone. When there is thaw, something can grow for a month or two, not more. It seems that the middle and southern Yakutia has natural conditions and climate similar to Norway and Finland. Yakutia is very rich in natural resources such as diamonds, wood, and gas. The northern part of Yakutia may have small villages with up to 1000 residents engaged in fishing.
Xiaoxiao Zhang, China:
- I've never heard of Yakutia. I think the region must be very cold on the North, but the nature of the whole region is very beautiful - real, wild, and unspoilt. I’ve heard that a lot of Russian companies produce energy, and the Yakutian people possibly can work for such power plants.
Yurey Mertens, Belgium:
- I would say that there are many pine forests, lakes and rivers in Yakutia. The nature of this region is just awesome. But the infrastructure is hardly well developed. This is especially true of roads, as I have been in Russia for several times: the farther you are from Moscow the worse the roads are. I think Yakutia has a lot of dirt roads. There are a few large cities with a population of about 500,000 people. I think that many people living in rural areas are engaged in farming and timber processing. And in the cities, people mostly work on railways and many of them may hold public posts. Perhaps, there are large enterprises of chemical industry.
As you can see, foreigners’ ideas of Yakutia are generally monotonous: diamonds, vast expanses of taiga, permafrost, short summers and severe frosts, although many do not know anything about Yakutia. You shouldn’t think that one person's opinion is the world’s opinion. In all fairness it has to be said that if one ask what we think, for example, of Belgium or some state of Australia or America, many of us will hardly tell much. In any case, this is not a reason not to promote information about our republic on the world stage.
Andrey Skripkin