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13:03 | Dec 13 | 2013

Yakutsk solemnized the Day of the Fatherland Heroes

The 9th of December is the Day of the Fatherland Heroes. On this day, people pay tribute and respect to those who became examples of honor, valor, and devotional service to the Fatherland.

The Office of the RF Interior Ministry Yakutskoe held a solemn event dedicated to this day. The audience consisted of pupils of a number of city secondary schools, foster-children of Bereginya orphanage, and cadets. The honored guests were OMON and SOBR officers, Commanders of the Order of Courage, widows and mothers of officers killed in the line of duty in the Caucasus Region and protecting public order in Yakutia.

All the event participants were congratulated by Viktor Shukshin - Head of the Office for Work with Personnel, Colonel of Internal Service - on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS (Y). He focused on the fact that “the descendants must keep the memory of those who had given their blood for our lives”. “The Ministry of Interior continues to be at war in time of peace. Unfortunately, our comrade-in-arms die defending law and order and citizens' security. We remember their names. These people are eternally put in the lists of the internal affairs bodies’ personnel”, he added.

The words said from the stage that day, photos and biographies of young officers died for the rule of law did not leave teenagers indifferent. Everyone stood up when the song Thank You, Guys! started; then the audience honored the victims memory with a minute of silence.

Alexander Yarkovoy, Director of the Museum of Yakutia MIA, started his speech with remembrance of the Yakutian militiamen feats during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. He finished his vivid and emotional speech with the naming of the officers who worthy stood guard in the police, thus continuing glorious traditions of heroes. “Today they are in this hall. Every day, officers of OMON and SOBR Special Forces continue to take a rough exam of courage and devotion to duty. These guys have military awards. I bow to you”, he said.

The younger generation enrolls the ranks of police officers; the words “There is a profession - to defend the Fatherland” are the rule of life. Perhaps, this Day the Fatherland Heroes helped senior schoolchildren to choose the walk of their lives.


Source: http://ysia.ru