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13:02 | Nov 22 | 2013

Yakutsk awarded winners of the competition 100 Best Goods of Russia

On November 16, the Government House hosted an awarding ceremony for Yakutian winners of the XVI All-Russian Competition 100 Best Goods of Russia - 2013. The Deputy Prime Minister Petr Alekseev presented diplomas to the heads of enterprises.
The competition winners were 5 companies, and the diploma winners were 11 companies. They had been selected by the federal competition commission out of thousands of applicants from across the country. However, after three rounds of the competition, there were only 100 commodity producers, which became the winners. This year, Yakutia was represented by 75 enterprises, 35 of which were nominated at the federal competition; 14 products of 13 companies took a direct part in the competition.
So, the winners of the 100 Best Goods of Russia - 2013 are the following:
The category of Groceries: venison sausage of the meat processing plant Skif, Head - Andrey Zhzhenyk;
The category of Bake Goods: doctor crisp bread of the Yakutsk Bread-Baking Complex, Director - Sergey Tatarinov;
The category of Industrial Goods for the Population: a set of jewelry The Tale of the North of Simekh jewelry firm, Director -Vladislav Osipov.
The category of Industrial and Technical Product: car gasoline of Regular-92 mark of YATEK, JSC, CEO - Zairbek Yusupov (the product got the Novelty sign);
The category of Human Services: surgical treatment of cataract with the phacoemulsification method by the Yakutian Republican Ophthalmological Hospital, Chief Physician - Anatoly Nazarov.
The competition diploma winners were Yakutsk Bread-Baking Complex for Marmalade in Assortment, Skif plant for the sausages production, Nerungri company Khleb for mustard bread, the stud Berte from Khangalassky ulus, tea Darkhan, an illustrated republic atlas of the Publishing House Bichik, reindeer antlers of the company Nord 2008, acrylic paints of the local production of Bige, and the play The Warmth of Permafrost by the State Circus of the republic.
In addition, a badge of honor of the Russian Federation was presented to the Head of the Meat Processing Plant Skif Andrey Zhzhenykh and the Chief Technologist of Nord 2008, LLC Maria Larionova for achievements in the area of quality.
Now, the winners of the diploma holders are entitled to use the logo of the competition to advertise their products, which increases the marketability of the goods from 5 to 20% and has credibility of the population, according to studies.
As the Acting Director of the State Regional Center for Standardization and Metrology of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Dmitry Nogovitsyn said, all the products had been estimated by a bar-graph system with consideration of the documents submitted by the enterprises.
Source: http://ysia.ru