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19:13 | Nov 29 | 2013

Yakutia and the United States scientists: The Yakuts have unique physiological mechanisms for effective adaptation to cold

There was a joint scientific expedition of the NEFU Research Health Institute and the North-Western, Kansas, and Oregon universities of the U.S. held in the village of Berdigestyakh of Gorny Region of the Sakha Republic within the framework of the agreement on joint scientific cooperation. The studies’ results of over the last 10 years have shown that despite the unique organism physiology, the Yakuts have metabolism breakdown.
During the research works, they have studied seasonal dynamics of basal, lipid and carbohydrate metabolisms, hormonal status, markers of acute inflammation phase, physical activity, and population nutrition. Members of the expedition have noted that one of the features is the high energy production providing effective adaptation to cold. It is noteworthy that according to studies dynamics of 2003-2013, the population metabolic profile tends to deteriorate; the rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are increasing. In this regard, the expedition members included study on insulin resistance, adipose tissue hormones, brown adipose tissue content and its activity in the project.
The U.S. and NEFU are planning to cooperate in expansion of the researches topics and geography and publish a joint monograph devoted to the peculiarities of the northern populations’ metabolism.
The expedition participants were Professor William Leonard, the President of the American Association of Anthropologists, the Head of the Department of Anthropology, the Director of the Laboratory for Human Biological Studies of the North-Western University; Hannah Wilson, Doctor of Biology of the North-Western University, USA; Stephanie Levy, a graduate student of the North-Western University, USA; staff of the NEFU Health Research Institute: Tatyana Klimova, the Head of the Quality Control Laboratory for Biomedical Research; Valentina Fedorova and Afanasy Fedorov, the laboratory specialists; Anna Mikhailova, the Senior Researcher of the Laboratory for Medical and Social Studies of Life Quality of the Population of the North; Margarita Fedorova, the Head Physician of the Republican Endocrinology Dispensary.
Works have been invested by a grant of the National Science Foundation, USA, and means of the Interim Creative Collective of the research project of the NEFU HRI.
Source: s-vfu.ru