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00:06 | Nov 09 | 2013

Conference of Reindeer Herders in Nizhnekolymsky Region: Results and prospects

On October 25-29, Nizhnekolymsky Region held a Conference of Reindeer Herders of the ulus. Herders of Khalarchinskaya and Olerinskaya tundras have gathered at Kelekhut site, where PC NTC Turvaurgin traditionally carries out counting and examination of the 3 and 4 farm herds each autumn.

The autumn sugulan (meeting) of reindeer herders has gathered over 70 ulus herders from large reindeer farms well-known not only in the republic, but also far beyond its borders: PC NTC Nutendli (Vitaly Kemil), PC NTC Tevor (Vyacheslav Kemil), and APC Olerinskaya (Aleksey Vinokurov).

The event has been attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, People’s deputies, the municipality heads, budget organizations’ leaders, workers of culture and health.

Reindeer herders have reported on their work results of the outgoing year. Thus, productivity indicators of the farms are the highest in the republic: the safety of the adult livestock population is 95.7 %, which is higher than the average republican rate of 7.1%; the actual accretion of fawns is 62.4 %. The ulus has established work of the Veterinary Service, which conducts all veterinary measures, blood samples, etc.

Then, the guests presented their reports. The Deputy Minister Ivan Pavlov answered many questions about a reindeer husbandry state support system and development prospects of the industry. Besides, participants discussed an issue on construction of a new modern slaughter house for 300 tons of meat in Kolyma village.

Despite the presence of the Chersky College of Traditional Industries of the North Peoples, a personnel issue is very acute in reindeer herding. As Ivan Pavlov noted, the average age of herders is 35-40 years old in Nizhnekolymsky Region. So, the handing student cards to 12 herders became one of the highlights of the conference. Herders say that it is necessary to expand their specialization and prepare reindeer herders - machine operators, not just herders. There is also a need to expand opportunities for folk art masters’ training and to introduce foundations of private entrepreneurship in reindeer herding.

Nizhnekolymsky Region is the only republic region, where pure Chukchi reindeer are bred. Reindeer herding is represented there by Ulus PC NTC Turvaurgin (Municipality Khalarchinsky Nasleg of Kolyma village), AC NTC Nutendli (Chersky village) AC NTS Olerinskaya (Municipality Olerinsky Nasleg of Andryushkino village).

Reindeer herding involves 127 people, including 11 brigadiers, 11 veterinarians, 68 herders and 37 chum-keepers.

Source: http://ysia.ru