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22:48 | Nov 01 | 2013

Budget Message of Yakutia President: The main priorities for 2014

Budget Message of the Republic President, Egor Borisov has been prepared at a challenging time for the republic economy. Therefore, the Head of Yakutia has paid special attention to the conditions and problems of the budget and tax policy formation in 2014 and focused on transparent and effective use of funds.

According to the president, the main goals and objectives will be directed on implementation of priorities of long-term republic development, improvement of life quality and growth of population real income. The wage increase is still the main priority.

Having said so, he has emphasized a series of conditions under which there will be a work system on the budget implementation built for next year. First of all, this is a picture of general economic instability on the international market.

The Yakutia Head notes the necessity to reserve funds for force majeure events implementation in the future budget. Since January 1, 2014, the Federal Law on the Control in Public Procurement, designed to minimize the risk of corruption, shall come into force. In this connection, requirements to bidders will change.

Tasks for housing construction and quality improvement of the population life remain the same; rural development is in the priority. This time, the republic leadership expects back outputs. “We have invested enough money in a village. It is time to get specific results of the projects”, Egor Borisov said. In addition, he stresses that the republic residents should refuse a consumer position and begin to act - to earn themselves, as required by the modern market economy.

The republic economy, despite the difficult situation, continues to move forward. Growth rate has decreased by 2%, but the overall gross regional product is maintained. One of the economic growth drivers will be a support of the investment climate.

The message also covers problems of budget expenses efficiency, the tariff and price regulation, and development of a clear system for regulation of debt obligations.

It should be noted that 8 billion rubles will be provided for wages increase; another 2 billion rubles will be allocated by the end of the year. Egor Borisov stresses that labor payment must directly depend on a worker performance, not on the order given to the worker. 30% of junior budget staff should go for outsourcing. That is, the payroll management will be held in a centralized mode, which will not require special administration of a state-owned enterprises’ system.

Source : http://ysia.ru