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21:59 | Oct 25 | 2013

Responsible Parenthood 2013 competition in Yakutia

 On October 19, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Family Policy held a traditional republican family competition Responsible Parenthood 2013 in the Concert Hall of Yakutsk Pedagogical College 1 named after S.F. Gogolev. Eight families from Yakutsk, its suburbs and republic regions took part in the event.

The competition purpose was raising the social status of families; promotion of family values, harmonious family relations, parental duty and authority; formation of a responsible attitude to the birth and upbringing of children in the society.
The competition consisted of three stages.
The first stage was a show of an exhibition Our Family Corner. At this stage, families decorated places for their creative works presentation with photo collages, birdhouses Family Nest and family dishes. According to the jury estimations, families of the Sivtsevs from Namsky region and the Tarbakhovs from Tattinsky region distinguished at this stage.
The second stage was presentation of “visiting cards” My Family is My Pride. Families told about themselves, their hobbies, and everyday life. They also presented slide presentations prepared jointly with the organizing committee. The Zharkovs family from Kangalassy Microdistrict was best remembered for their costumes.
The third stage was A Small Country of Creativity, where the Sivtsevs again surprised everyone with their genus for acting and vocal talents.
A winner was the most talented, close-knit custodial the Sivtsevs family from Namsky region. They were awarded a diploma of the 1 degree and the grand prize - a refrigerator. The second place went to a large family the Tarbahovs from Tattinsky region. The third place was shared by two families - large families the Burnashevs from Yakutsk and the Stus also from Yakutsk.
The rest of the families were awarded certificates of the following nominations: Family Nest – the Panteleevs (Yakutsk, the Central District), Family is the Key to Prosperity – the Dyakonovs (Yakutsk, the Industrial District), Faith, Hope, Love – the Zharkovs (Kangalassy Microdistrict), A Family of Kind Hearts – the Davydovs (Kangalassy Microdistrict).
The competition of families was decorated with bright performances of Yakutian pop stars: Leonid Antsiferov, the Culture Honor of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Varya Maxima, a dance team of Tuyara Tomskaya’s studio FunkyBoom, Praskovia Boyarkina and Aigylaan.
Such events are necessary to society. They motivate new feats for the future of families and children in difficult situations. Sound and strong family is the key to the well-being of our country.
Source: http://www.ysia.ru