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17:56 | Oct 18 | 2013

“Golden Autumn” XV Russian Agricultural Exhibition: Yakuts won five gold medals

 On October 9-12, the Moscow All-Russian Exhibition Center hosted the XV Russian Agricultural Exhibition “Golden Autumn – 2013”, where the Yakutian commodity producers got high assessments.

The exhibition was attended by agricultural producers, food processing enterprises, research and educational institutions, farm households and individual part-time farms - over 2,500 companies from 61 subjects of the Russian Federation and 25 foreign countries.
Traditionally, the exposition of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was worthily and brightly represented. Yakutian producers displayed fresh, environmentally-friendly and delicious products as fish, beef, venison, young horse meat, sausages, milk products, fruits and berries products, vegetables, furs, cosmetics, and products from deer antlers for health to the delight of guests and participants.
The republic was represented not only the capital enterprises of the republic presented their products, but also producers from uluses: APC “Pole of Cold” (Verkhoyansky ulus), the Stud Farm “Berte” Ltd. ( Khangalassky ulus), APC “Fish of the Arctic”, “Pantry of Olyokma” Ltd. (Olyokminsky ulus), “Taba” CJSC, APC “Taatta”, APC “Pobeda” (“Victory”) ( Tattinsky ulus), MOC “SKIF”, APC “Erel” (Namsky ulus), “Sardana” JSC, “Yakutsk-380” Ltd., “Tirekh”, “Sakhakredit”, APC “Krestyakh” (Suntarsky ulus), PA “Dabaan” (Khangalassky ulus), APC “Ust-Aldan”, APC “Taatta”, the Union of Vegetable and Potato Growers, YSAA and others.
Besides the presentation and products sale, the republic representatives traditionally participated in competitions in various nominations. Thus, products of APC “Pole of Cold” were awarded with two medals: gold for smoked “oiogos” and bronze for fermented mare’s milk “Kharyskhal”. The joint work of YSRIA scientists and industrialists of APC “Taatta” - milk products “Ot Uerete” - was awarded with a gold medal, and a silver medal for their cream. Fruit and berry products from Yakutia were also praised: APC “Ust-Aldan” got a gold medal and APC “Amma” got a silver medal for cowberry syrup.
Not only food production enterprises distinguished themselves at the exhibition. Thus, the competition jury praised the organization experience of cooperative and farmer movement in the republic.
RAPCC “Sakhakredit” won a gold medal as the best credit cooperative. Today, “Sakhakredit” Credit Cooperative of the II Level is really one of the “locomotives” of the rural credit cooperatives development. This was also noted at the Russian Forum of Credit Cooperatives held in August in Yakutsk.
The Union of Vegetable and Potato Growers also deservedly won a gold medal: in recent years, the republic farmers skillfully manage the work of the republic vegetable and potatoe growers. The nominal public association of farmers had become a real force assisting in development of potato and vegetable growing in Yakutia and restoring former glory of the industry with Heroes of Socialist Labor of a number of growers. The first step in this activity was a bronze medal of PA “Dabaan”, which was award for outstanding performance in potato and vegetable growing.
In the opinion of republic consumers, one of the best republican cooperatives of the II level also was RAC “Sakhaagroprodukt” joining 12 production processing cooperatives of the republic. Therefore, a bronze medal of the Republican Cooperative “Sakhaagroprodukt” as the best supply and marketing cooperative was really deserved and worthy of respect.
Source: http://ysia.ru