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17:35 | Oct 03 | 2013

Over 3,000 people “touched” the science. Festival of Science in NEFU

The North-Eastern Federal University held a largest-scale event “Festival of Science”. According to organizers, over 3,000 people visited the grand festival of science. The main purpose of the event was popularization of science; public demonstration of the place and role of science in the modern world, relevance and need for the scientific knowledge introduction in the modern life of people; attraction of talented young people to science, as NEFU Management of Scientific Research said.

“Today, I have put injections as a doctor, painted on stones, controlled robots, and admired different animals. Most of all I liked the planetarium. Everything was just like real! I saw the space, I felt like an astronaut “, Sasha Nikolaeva, a 2-form-pupil of Yakutsk Secondary School ¹ 17, shared her impressions.

Visitors could get to know what sport he or she may go in for to achieve good results at the exhibition “Diagnosticum” with the use of a technique of finger dermatoglyphics.  

“In addition, all the guests were offered to pass GDV- examination and psycho-diagnostics to study their memory, attention, thinking and biofield”, Aleksey Polyanichenko, a 2- year-student of NEFU Medical Institute, said.

“My son is five years old. We do not regret coming to the festival. We have known in “Diagnosticum” that Vova may go in for freestyle wrestling, weightlifting, and boxing. The researchers have revealed that he has a great reaction and endurance”, the festival visitor Varvara Maksimova said.

Laboratories presented unique exhibits: the Mammoth Museum displayed a frozen trunk of the Malolyakhovsky mammoth; a Small Computer Academy showed robots programmed by NEFU students. Guests of the festival were offered excursions in an insectarium of the Zoological Museum and a greenhouse of the Botanical Garden. Leading scientists and university teachers were lecturing, holding trainings, and master classes. Besides, everyone could get business and legal advice.

“My son Kolya and I have seen how students program robots and have known that there is a Small Academy for schoolchildren at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. When my son goes to school, we will surely join the Academy. I wish such activities were carried out every year”, another guest of the festival Irina Ivanova added.

Source: s-vfu.ru