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20:27 | Sep 27 | 2013

One click the system of city life management

Many residents of Yakutsk are familiar with the work of the Internet portal One click Yakutsk (available at oneclick.ykt.ru), which has been successfully launched in May this year. The main purpose of the social project is city problems solving and improving of citizens’ quality of life. The portal allows and encourages solving citywide joint problems with efforts of authorities and the public.

Now, if people want to make a complaint against the work of a facility management company, point out the problem of illegal dumps, broken roads, broken playground, and many others, they do not have to queue or run from office to office. The system of one click will do everything for them.

The effective system One click Yakutsk on monitoring and improving of city services work has arisen interest of other regions of our country which have been able to meet with the portal presentation at the roundtable “New Technologies in the Housing and Communal Services” at the conference of the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities (MAG).

The portal One click Yakutsk has caused great interest among Russian and Ukrainian cities. As the President of the Union of Cities of the Arctic and the Far North, Igor Shpektor said: “Yakutsk is ahead of the curve. The Yakuts could overtake leading cities even in advanced technologies”.

In a short time the project has managed to solve a lot of city problems related to improvement and cleaning-up in the city. The key-not of the portal work is solving of problem with one click. Every city resident may signal about his or her problem or ask a question which will be answered by specialists. There are such services as “Monitoring of Problems” (this very service is designed to promptly resolve problems of urban dumps, trash buildup, pools pumping, yards and playgrounds cleaning-up, aggressive stray animals entrapment and many others) and “Exploitation of the City” (online help allowing to ask a question on any topic about life in the city and get an answer, as well as act as an expert) in the site.

The portal has recently held a presentation of the third service “Ratings of Facility Management Companies”, which is a new online tool for monitoring and ranking of all management companies in Yakutsk. It can help one to find his or her facility company, get detailed information about it, and give his or her estimate and ask its head a question in a specially created virtual office of a company head which contains primary data about the company provided with the district administration of Yakutsk. Each management company may give more details for the service; it will show its responsibility and openness, or vice versa.

Now, all residents can get acquainted with the online tool; the service is operating in test run mode since the beginning of September. There are the first open data published, such as debts of management companies to recourse-providing organizations and reference information.

These services will be regularly updated and available to users in open access. There are the following main criteria for the evaluation of management companies: reporting, statistics of controlling bodies about sanctions imposed on the company and their performance, data of the company’s debt to recourse-providing organizations, information on companies’ openness, data of monthly residents’ voting and others.

Next year, Yakutsk residents will be introduced new sections: “Reporting of Officials” - to monitor the authorities’ activities; “Public Hearings” - for quick insight into all plans of the city; “Mutual Aid” - for joint problem-solving by citizens and authorities; “Ideas Collection”.

The Internet portal One click Yakutsk has been created to manage the city life, where every citizen can make a contribution to the solution of common problems.

Source: http://www.ysia.ru