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23:54 | Sep 19 | 2013

Furor of Yakut fish in the Netherlands

 On September 13 – 15, 2013, the Museum Square in Amsterdam hosted an exhibition-fair of Russian agricultural and food products within the Year of Russia in the Netherlands and the Year of the Netherlands in Russia.

During the fair, at least 2 thousand residents of the Netherlands and guests of the Dutch capital were able to try eco-friendly, delicious and wholesome foods from Russia. In particular, there were presented smoked goose; kazylyk and chak-chak from Tatarstan; dried venison from the Arkhangelsk Region; omul, chir and muksun from Yakutia, Bashkiria’s honey; the Krasnodar Territory’s melons, watermelons, apples and pears in the fair.
A grand ceremony of the fair opening took in the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, the Cochairman of the Russian-Dutch Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation Arkady Dvorkovich and the Agriculture Minister of the Netherlands Sharon Deyksma. On the same day, there was a business court “Taste of Russia” in Kontserthebau Conservatory building.
On September 14, the Conservatory of Amsterdam organized a Business Forum “Taste of Russia in Holland” with the participation of European and Russian government authorities’ heads, specialists of catering industry and media representatives.
The purpose of the forum was Russian representation in the international market as the country with favorable natural conditions and efficient agriculture for world-class products production. The forum included a presentation of unique regional products of Russia with a focus on top 10 products selected for the fair and their subsequent degustation.
There was an outdoor cafe with a Russian kitchen next to the fair rows, which was feasting guests with regional and already well-known national dish (cabbage rolls, pelmeni or Russian ravioli, pancakes and others). The program also included musical performances.
The Republic of Sakha took a worthy part in the Business Forum. It was represented by Ivan Sleptsov – the Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy and Egor Makarov – the General Director of “Saisary” JSC with production of “Yakut Fish Factory”.
The Minister Ivan Sleptsov signed a series of business agreements and intentions on cooperation at the Forum.