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11:01 | Sep 06 | 2013

All-Russian Campaign “Wave of Health” ended in Yakutia

The Russian campaign “Wave of Health” on the Lena River has recently completed. The ship “Mikhail Svetlov” arrived in Yakutsk last night; the campaign participants have returned to their every-day affairs.
The organizers of the medical troops on the Lena were the All-Russian Public Organization “League of National Health” and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The campaign was carried out with the assistance of the Government and the Public Chamber of the republic. Its co-organizers were the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after A. Bakulev RAMS, the Research and Clinical Center for Otorhinolaryngology of Russian FMBA, the ISTC “Eye Microsurgery” named after the Academician S. Fedorov, the Endocrinology Research Center, the Moscow Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Russian Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the National Broadcasting Company “Sakha”, “ALROSA” CJSC and medical institutions of the republic.
The Lena campaign, as its preceding campaigns on the Volga and the Don, pursued aims of promoting the formation of stable partnership of government agencies, businesses-structures, and non-profit organizations to implement projects aimed at healthy lifestyles development among the population, formation of motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle, education of the younger generation to reject tobacco, alcohol and drug use, and promotion of an active lifestyle. But, of course, the key purpose of the campaign was delivery of specific health care to children with congenital heart disease, vision and speech impairments, and other diseases.
There were press conferences, workshops, round tables, lectures, seminars, training sessions and presentations of various health procedures, wide range of cultural activities on a healthy lifestyle promotion on the ship board and in towns on the Lena banks during the week.
Reception days of doctors were very tense: they were examining patients in specially equipped saloons and cabins of the ship - each time they worked until the last patient. The captain had to extend parking time and then gather way to reach the next destination in time, thus making advances to the organizers.
We would like to mention doctors of the federal clinics - real heroes of the campaign. These are children's endocrinologist Dmitry Laptev, heart surgeon David Berishvili, pediatric cardiologists Irina Baryshnikova and Elena Simogaeva, neurologist Galina Kovalenko, maxillofacial surgeon Veronika Pavlovich, ophthalmologist Aleksey Bubnov, otolaryngologist Olga Ozharovskaya, audiologist and otolaryngologist Alfiya Siraeva, clinical psychologist Vera Klimovich.
There were examined 604 people in three villages of Mokhsogollokh, Olyokminsk, Lensk and the city of Yakutsk. These were not only children, as was supposed by the program, but also adults, because there were a lot of people willing to undergo a medical examination and get specialist advice; every time, the organizers together with the doctors made ​​ decisions to take on board all comers. Moreover, besides a heart surgeon, cardiologists, a neurologist, E.N.T. specialists, psychiaters, ophthalmologists of leading Russian medical clinics, two out of six full mobile health centers were working on board - the Republican Center for Preventive Medicine from Yakutsk and a Mobile Health Center of Lensk town - who examined 159 people.
The doctors picked out 86 children with various diseases for further examination and treatment in federal hospitals: 28 children were selected by cardiologists, 5 – by the endocrinologist, 19 – by the ophthalmologist, 16 – by the maxillofacial surgeon and 9 – by the neurologist. One girl from Uritskoe village of Lensky region was taken by doctors on the ship: she will be examined in Yakutsk and then go to the Bakulev’s Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.
The residents of Khangalassky, Lensky and Olyokminsky regions warmly thanked guests and expressed their hope for more frequent holding of such campaigns.
The brigades of the republican hospitals were happy to hear that they were well known and appreciated by the regions’ people, who were gratefully waiting for their every visit.
In this regard, it should be noted that during a video conversation with Leo Bokeria, the Minister of Health Alexander Gorokhov said that floating campaigns with the participation of our doctors would be held on the republic rivers from next year as they were very necessary for people. So, water rings of “Wave of Health” will be even wider.
Following the results of the current All-Russian Campaign “Wave of Health”, the Vice-President of the League of National Health, Nikolay Kononov answered the reporters’ question “Where the “Wave of Health” will further go”: “The next route of the All-Russian Campaign has not yet been formed, but we have already received a proposal to visit small cities of Russia. The League of National Health is waiting for proposals from regions; each one will be carefully considered”.
Source: http://ysia.ru