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10:03 | Aug 29 | 2013

Youth Philharmonic Club opened in Yakutsk

 The Philharmonic of Yakutia has recently held a charity evening concert “Senza Gravita” (Zero Gravity). The concert marked the opening of the same-name Youth Philharmonic Club. 

The charity evening was dedicated to a young talented girl Nastya Belikova and her mother Lyudmila Anatolievna Belikova. Nastya has cerebral palsy and soon she will have four complex operations on her feet in Pushkin town and a long period of rehabilitation.
“Our purpose is to start walking and our dearest dream is to open a Center of Social, Psychological and Legal Assistance for Disadvantaged People in our republic”, - Lyudmila says.
Nastya gets high grades at school and take active part in the public life of High School No 32. The girl loves to sing, writes poetry and paints. When she started to sing, almost all the guests shed tears. Her poem was full of love for her native city of Yakutsk; it was so mature and thoughtful, that it touched each listener to their hearts.
This evening, Nastya and guests were listening performances of the Yakuts favorite ensemble “Arco ARTico” (the artistic director – the Culture Honors of the RS (Y), Andrey Dedyukin), the jazz band “A Bit of Sun”, the band “Till Tomorrow” with its fascinating bossa nova (soloists: Vasily Zakharov, Alyona Bogdashina and Veronika Mikheeva). 
The evening did not pass without dancing. The artists of the school “Dance Empire” with a passionate dance bachata caused a storm of applause. Besides, the young dancers gave a master class of Latin dances for all comers. A bright break-team “Funky Unity” inflamed evening with positive energy. 
There was a donation box set in the hall; the guests could take part in a charity auction of art works of famous and young Yakut artists in favor of Nastya. Mikhail Starostin gave his abstraction “Autumn Wind” in the technique of monotype to the auction; Marianna Lukina gave a pastel landscape picture from the series “Sakham Sire Barakhsan”. Ekaterina Nesterova donated a wonderful diptych “Seluukuun and the Old Woman”; Ustiniya Dogordurova placed on auction a painting “Faith, Hope and Love”, which were bought by Nastya and her mom as they fell in love with the painting.
The hammer of the charity auction left out works of young artists: “Nikolaev” of Kyydaana Ignateva (a young women bought the picture and gave it to Nastya as a gift), two amazing sketches “View from the Window” and “Still-Life with Peppers” of Amerkel Luna Engel, bright works “A Violinist” and “Orange and Green” of Egor Sleptsov, a landscape picture “Rassoloda” and a batik “The Flower of Baikal” of Marina Bartysheva, a small wooden violin carved by a well-known blogger and filmmaker Lyuba Borisova (Yakut Film Club), and a picture ‘Zombies and a Cat are Late for a Date” of a beginning artist, a soloist of the Yakutian Philharmonic and the ensemble “Till Tomorrow”, Vasily Zakharov, who had painted it specially for the auction.
The money raised at the charity auction and donations will be transferred on the account of Nastya’s mother during a week. 
Nastya also was handed an envelope with money at the concert of the restaurant “Be Happy” and the holding of Alexander Skripin. 
The Youth Philharmonic Club and family of Nastya Belikova express great gratitude to the artists, musicians, dance groups who took part in the evening and the restaurant “Be Happy” administration in the person of Natalia Ambrosieva and guests of the evening. 
A big surprise for Nastya and the audience was arrival of a famous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko at the end of the evening. He took photos with Nastya, carefully listened to the girl’s mother and promised to help with a clinic in Moscow.
Source: http://sakhanews.ru
Photo'ssource: http://sakhanews.ru