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11:28 | Jul 19 | 2013

Motor-Tour Magadan – Yakutsk: to conquer “The Road of Bones”

A two-week extreme motor-tour Magadan – Yakutsk with the participation of 10 people has finished.

The members of the expedition - six representatives of Moscow, a citizen of the Czech Republic and three absolute extreme lovers from New Zealand, calling themselves “kiwi” (in honor of endangered birds living on their island). Only two Muscovites had bikes, the rest was a support group: two replacing drivers, a mechanic and a cook.

The group was prepared to the expedition: many of the participants had been taking trips to different corners of the world not for the first time. For instance, Moscow motorcyclists had recently driven across Georgia. New Zealanders had already traveled around the world for four times on their bikes. They are worth mentioning in detail: they are business leaders, successful people in their far south country, who have been preparing for this event since February by sending their bikes by sea to the port of Magadan. After a tour on all difficult roads around the world from African savannahs to the Andes Mountains, Yakutia and the Kolyma highway remained for them “terra incognita”.

We can say with confidence that the adventure was a success; all the participants were satisfied, but, perhaps, besides the Muscovites - experienced fishermen - who could not catch a single grayling, while Sanych, a driver from Tomtor, did it with ease.

After arriving in Yakutsk, the tour participants met with Semyon Vinokourov, the Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), who helped not to fail the expedition on the first large river, through which even UAZ cars could not drive.

Currently, the Muscovites have already returned to their hometown - their families and jobs; the “kiwi” are keeping their way home. Their bikes have been sent to Vladivostok, where the travelers will return to after a two-week vacation to head off to North Korea.