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01:33 | Jul 13 | 2013

Games of Manchaary: winners and undefeated

 Winners of the XIX Games of Manchaary in the team scoring in groups were teams of Yakutsk, Megino-Kangalassky, Kobyaisky and Zhigansky regions of Yakutia.

The XIX Spartakiade of Yakutia in national sports Games of Manchaary was held on July 1 - 4 in Churapcha. The competitions, often called the Yakut Olympics, gather athletes once every four years.

This year the Games accredited 4650 participants and organizers.

About two thousand athletes had been competing for 103 sets of medals in six categories of athletes (men, women, boys, girls, men, veterans-man and veterans-women) in nine sports during three days of July.

39 teams represented all regions of the republic, Yakutsk, NEFU and central universities of Russia.

A new stadium “Bootur Yus” had been hosting competitions in track-and-field athletics, Yakut jump, mas-wrestling, khapsagay wrestling and jump over sled.

The site ​​“Tumusahtaakh” had been hosting competitions in archery. Battles of weight lifting and shooting had been held in a newly opened sports complex named after A. Fedotov. Participants had been competing in carrying over of a stone, lasso throwing, stones throwing –one of the sports included into the northern biathlon among women and multiathlon among men - in a Park of Culture named after P. Barakhsanov. Besides, there were horse races held on the racetrack in the site “Magaaiy”.

All the events of the Yakut Olympics were a great holiday for local residents. It seemed that no one was working in Churapcha these days - everyone was at stadiums and sports grounds. In addition, on June 30, the Cultural Center “Aiylgy” opened an exhibitions “Solar heat of Russian birch bark” and “Sport through the eyes of the artist” of the National Art Museum of Yakutia. On July 1 the Center held a republican beauty contest and a concert by the rock band “Aital”.

There was also held such events as Ysyakh, dedicated to the 375 anniversary of the Boturussky ulus, the Days of Culture of Amginsky and Tattinsky regions of Yakutia, and performances of the State Young Theatre and the Nyurba State Mobile Theater.

Official opening ceremony of the Games brought together both the full stadium and an incredible number of VIP persons: the President Egor Borisov and his wife, the Vice-president Dmitry Glushko, the Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Vyacheslav Shtyrov, the Chairman of Il Tumen Vitaly Basygysov and his wife, the President of ALROSA Fyodor Andreev and many others. The ceremony, which was prepared by experts from Yakutsk headed by Svetlana Stepanova, was massive and impressive. Creators of the performance managed to convey the Yakutian history, its legends and myths, images of national heroes, storytellers and craftsmen through the main symbols of Yakutia.

The next three days there were only sports events at the stadium and three sports fields from dawn to dusk.

The Games will be remembered with many colorful and unique moments such as an amazing victory of Amga resident Anatoly Baishev in mas-wrestling who had beaten Ivan Begolyubsky – a seven-time winner of the Games of Dygyn. Amginsky Bootur (hero) ended his 20-year career with this beautiful victory (first Baishev won in an absolute division in Tyungyulyu in 1995).

Another Amga native - Mikhail Zharin - ran ​​hundred meters in 10.86 seconds flat; this was a great result for the Games of Manchaary. Sergey Chunarev from Yakutsk overcame this distance in 11 seconds (ran in 10.93 seconds); this result was reached for the first time in Yakutia in youth competition. The real hero of the Games was Ivan Shergin of Megino-Kangalassy region who had jumped in kylyy (eleven non-stop jumping on one foot) 44 meters 88 centimeters: this was 30 centimeters further than the previous record Yakutia set in 2008.

An absolute champion of the Games in khapsagay was Yury Starostin from Yakutsk (born in Verkhoyansky region). He won a certificate in the amount of 100,000 rubles and a certificate for the purchase of a sawmill.

Many athletes met standards of masters of sports and, thus, returned from the Games not only with medals and prizes, but also with new sports titles. As the chief referee Semyon Govorov said, the Games were attended by 7 masters of sports of international level, 80 masters of sports of Russia, 163 masters of sport of Yakutia and 157 candidates for master of sports.

Team results were announced on the official closing of the Games on July 4. The ceremony was started with a moment of silence in memory of those died in the helicopter crash in Yakutia on July 2. In this regard the closing was shortened; there were no much lush festivities.

Following the results of the Games, the top three winners were teams of Yakutsk, NEFU and Neryungrinsky region in the first group (seven teams representing the central and industrial regions, teams of NEFU and central universities).Prize-winners of the second group (15 teams of the central regions of Yakutia) were Megino-Kanlalassky, Churapchinsky, and Suntarsky regions. Winners of the third group (8 teams from northern regions) - Kobyaisky, Tomponsky, and Verkhoyanskiy regions. The fourth group’s (9 indigenous Arctic uluses) medal stand was shared by the teams from Zhigansky, Momsky and Olenyoksky regions.

The first place winners in all the groups received “UAZ” cars; the second place winners got “Taiga” snowmobiles; the third place winners - “Buran” snowmobiles. Winners in individual sports were also determined. Teams of Yakutsk, Nyurbinsky, Kobyaisky and Momsky regions were best teams in Yakut jump, and teams of Yakutsk, Megino-Kangalassky, Oimyakonsky and Zhigansky regions - in mas-wrestling. Yakutsk, Ust-Aldansky, Oymyakonsky and Zhigansky regions took 1st places in athletics.

As for horse racing at the Hippodrome “Magaaiy”, the best competitors were the hosts of the competitions – Churapcha natives. Second place went to Megino-Kangalassky region’s residents, the third place – to athletes from Amginsky region.

The following commemorative XX Games of Manchaary will be held on July 1 – 9, 2017 in Verkhnevilyuisk. At the end of the closing ceremony of the Games – 2013, Semyon Yakovlev, the Head of Churapchinsky ulus, solemnly handed a symbol of the Spartakiade over Vladimir Poskachin, the Head of Verkhnevilyuisky ulus. 


Oleg Solodukhin