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17:30 | May 24 | 2013

Yakutsk Fashion Week - 2013

On May 13 - 19 Shopping stalls “Kruzhalo” held the II Republican festival “Yakutsk Fashion Week – 2013”. A director and an author of the idea was a fashion designer Peter Yakovlev.

Traditionally, the purpose of the festival was creation of interest in culture and art of the Yakutian peoples, development of fashion industry of the Republic and revelation of creative professionals - young fashion designers and support of applied craftsmen, model agencies, makeup artists and hairstylists.

Every day the festival carried fashion shows of both amateurs and professionals, presentations of capital's fashion shops, contests and master classes of professionals, and shows of makeup artists and hairdressers with the support of modeling agencies. Besides, there was a festival of hairdressing and photos “Golden Lotus – 2013” during the event.

Jury board consisted of professionals from modeling agencies, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, media representatives and special guests - a director of the Foundation “Russian Silhouette” Tatiana Titkova and a famous Moscow fashion designer Igor Chapurin.  Igor gave a lecture about fashion to Yakutian fashion experts and expressed his willingness to support young designers at the beginning of their career.

Winners’ award was held on a day before the official closing of the festival. Participants were judged according to such requirements as relevance and novelty of the idea, entirety of the artistic image and individual and collective authorship.

At the end of the festival 21 nominations were allocated; Grand Prix “Best of the Best” went to Lena Maksimova, who also won in the category “Best Young Fashion Designer” with the main prize of a certificate of 100 thousand roubles and a traineeship in Moscow foundation “Russian Silhouette”, famous for giving young fashion designers the opportunity to enter the All-Russian level of fashion industry. Lena Maksimova is studying in Novosibirsk and has arrived in Yakutsk to participate in this Fashion Week.

The jury also distinguished another work of Stepan Savvin who was named the best young fashion designer of the III degree for his collection “AdaKaba”: “I am excited by a touching love story, devotion and loyalty of Abakayada and Semyon Dezhnyov. My collection was created under the impression of the legend. I think if Abakayada had lived in our time, she would have looked this way. It is no coincidence that dresses of “AdaKaba” are styled with traditional elements of Yakutian decoration such as baybary (wide frill in a dress hem). Thanks to the Fashion Week I have already found customers”.

The festival’s organizer and fashion designer Peter Yakovlev commented: “Yakutsk is a very modern and stylish city that follows all the Western and European trends. We have everything here, which is fashionable there. Our project brings together creative people and presents a celebration of beauty, talent and fashion to all who follows fashion and wants to be fashionable and stylish”.

Indeed, participation in a Fashion Week is the opportunity to gain potential customers and useful contacts, exchange of experience and ideas, and communicate. It's a strong start for beginning fashion designers, stylists, hairdressers to develop and participate beyond the Republic.

 Mariia Ivanova.