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18:24 | May 17 | 2013

International Family Day

International Family Day is aimed to redouble public attention to modern family problems, revival of a responsible and respectful attitude towards family values. Thus, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Family Policy of Yakutia together with the Youth Government of the Republic of Sakha and Department of Youth Affairs, Family Policy and Physical Education of Yakutsk held a city competition “Young Family – 2013” in order to support social and creative initiatives of young families.

The competition was carried out among young couples (under 35 years) with one or more children. It had four stages of preparation, after which 7 families-members were selected in accordance of disclosure of individual characteristics of all family members, family unity and continuance of family traditions, existence and importance of their achievements and originality.

The event started with the opening of an exhibition “Treasures of our family”, where families presented information about themselves with demonstration of talents and achievements of each member of a family. All families were joined by national and cultural traditions.

The competition consisted of a visiting card with families’ presentations and creative performances, a competition-monologue “The Secret of Family Happiness”, a quiz and a creative contest of dance and songs performances. The competition was mixed by performances of pop singers, “NERDS” break-dance team, “The Polar Express” KVN team and a competition among spectators.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Pavel Marinychev, being a member of jury, commented: “A family is one of the most important institutions; it is a foundation of our society. This contest is relevant and has been held for the second time. All participants arouse admiration for their praise and proud of their family traditions”.

Seven nominations were announced: “Creative virtuosos”, “Keepers of family values”, “Recognition of spectators”, “Family Heritage”, “Family Ties”, “Fortune of a family”, and “Family wisdom”. All participants received prizes and certificates.

The winners were students of the NEFU’s Pedagogical Institute - Evgeny and Maria Danilovs and their little daughter Sainara. Awardees commented: “A family is a cell of society. The main things here are love, understanding, and respect. This award is a very important title for us. We wish happiness, mutual support and more children to other families”. The winners received a ticket for participation in the Republican festival “Family of the Year-2013”.

Such festivals let us think about importance of a family once again and pay more attention to loved ones. A family is a small community of formation of a man as an individual and as a citizen. Family’s well-being may be called a measure of development and progress of the state.

Mariia Ivanova.