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12:13 | May 09 | 2013

May holidays in Yakutia

May always differs from other months by varied holidays. Thus, this year Russia has 13 days off in May during which the country traditionally celebrates Labor Day and Victory Day.


May 1 - Day of Spring and Labor  


On May 1 the entire country hosts traditional parades in honor of the holiday of spring and labor. The Republic is famous for its advanced workers and patriots of their native land. It is gratifying that this year the country has revived a tradition of “Hero of Labor” title presentation with the purpose of ensuring citizens of decent work, improving of their living standards and quality of life.

Yakutia’s 210 settlements held a series of events dedicated to the Day of Spring and Labor. Russia declared 2013 the Year of Environmental Protection, so there were many slogans on the theme of ecology during parades in Russia. Yakutia declared the current year the Year of a Village, in this regard, much of campaigns were devoted to this event.

May Day gathered a several-thousand demonstration in the capital of the Republic which was attended by representatives of government officials, leaders of labor collectives and urban districts, public associations and political parties. The parade was comprised of columns of trade unions, political parties, collectives of all city enterprises and organizations, schools, universities and public organizations. It is notable that the festive demonstration included columns of labor dynasties of Yakutia and trade-union youth for the first time.

By the number of demonstrators Yakutsk took the first place in the Far Eastern Federal District: the parade had been lasting for 4 hours, during which over 55 thousand people in 14 large columns passed the main street. For instance, 40 thousand people participated in a parade in Khabarovsk, 25 thousand people - in Vladivostok and 23 thousand people - in Magadan.

The Republic’s largest parades were held in Mirninsky region (20 thousand people), Nyurbinsky region (8.5 thosand people), Vilyuisky region (7.5 thousand people), Tomponsky and Ust-Aldansky regions (7 thousand people), and Olyuokminsky region (6.6 thousand people). The total number of demonstrators in the Republic, including Yakutsk, amounted by 111 thousand people.

In his welcome speech, President of the Republic expressed his gratitude to all those who worked for the good of their families and society, and said that “this festival was a day of unity and solidarity, a day of declaration of immutable right for every person’s decent work, decent salary and decent life. Positive results in economic and social spheres can be achieved only through hard work, sense of purpose and responsibility for work”.

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Alexander Kim-Kimen, encouraged developing social partnership at all levels, exhibiting civil and political activities, and working together to achieve objectives set by managements and the Government of the Republic.

First of all May 1 is a holiday of spring welcome, demanding citizens’ long preparations: people sew carnival and national costumes, rehearse artistic performances, and create banners and festive decorations for cars.

May Day parade usually passes in massive folk festivals in the city squares, festive cultural and sporting arrangements. This day has always been and remains one of the most favorite holidays for Yakuts, because it unites generations and epochs and represents desire to work and create.


Easter in Yakutsk


This year is a special year for the 1025th anniversary of Christianization of Russia, the 195th anniversary of Yakutsk ecclesiastical seminary and the 20th anniversary of revival of Yakutsk Diocese. The contribution of the Russian Orthodox Church to the strengthening of civil harmony and spiritual health, moral and family values ​​is worthy of the most sincere respect.

On Sunday, May 5,    Orthodox Christians celebrated the main event of faith and virtue - Feast of the Resurrection or Easter. Thousands citizens visited churches of the capital this day. People carried eggs and Easter cakes to churches to bless them. During Easter Saturday and Sunday the Yakuts were confessing and receiving Holy Communion.

Vast Easter celebration in a multinational Yakutia is proof that religious values are ​​venerated by citizens of the Republic.


Victory Day


The 19th week of every year is celebrated with great distinction under the banner of Victory Day. All kindergartens, schools and universities hold class hours and lessons of courage devoted to 68th anniversary of the country’s Victory in World War II. The Republic's leaders hold events of congratulation of veterans of War and home front.

The President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Egor Borisov solemnly received Yakutian veterans of the Great Patriotic War and he congratulated them on the 68th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany.

In honor of the holiday, Yakutsk joined the All-Russian campaign “Portrait of a Victor”. The city streets were decorated with posters of World War II veterans living in the capital. Besides, representatives of the Communist Party and veterans participated in an opening ceremony of the monument to Generalissimo Joseph Stalin. Victory Square hosted “Candle of Memory” campaign with the participation of veterans, heads of the Republic, activists of youth organizations, students and Yakutsk citizens. Then they launched lanterns with candles into the air.

Mariia Ivanova.