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19:11 | May 02 | 2013

Day of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

On April 27, 1922 the Decree on formation of the Yakutian Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic within Russia was signed.

This date was a day of Yakutia’s national identity acquirement.  The founders influenced the formation of the Autonomous Republic were Maksim Ammosov, Platon Oyunsky, Isidor Barakhov, Stepan Vasiliev, Stepan Arzhakov. Thanks to their efforts and active position Yakutia developed as a self-governed unit with its active social, economic and cultural evolution.

For the past decades Yakutia went a long way in its development. Although it was just a far agricultural outskirt of the enormous country, the autonomy establishment provided a powerful impulse for industrial development in Yakutia.

Today, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is one of the most attractive and promising subjects of the multinational Russian State. It implements strategic plans for its development, diversify its economy, thus, increasing welfare of the Yakuts.

 The Republic is a leader in many socio-economic positions among the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Yakutia successfully implements large-scale projects, which develop modernization processes not only in the Far East, but also in Russia as a whole, and contributes to the strengthening of national security.

Traditionally, this event is celebrated by several events such as floral tribute to the monument to the Yakutia’s founders, concerts and different campaigns.



            This year’s parade saw active procession of youth organizations in commemoration of the significant historical event, the Day of Yakutian ASSR establishment, and political activists whose work and life was directly related to the process of autonomy obtaining. Participants of the parade sang the hymn of the Republic on Komsomolskaya Square. 

“Such parades unite people and create a special mood for further work, because the work of our outstanding compatriots-builders of the autonomous Yakutia is the best example for the today’s young people”, - noted the chairman of the Union of Youth of Yakutia Vyacheslav Struchkov.


Presentation of the album about Yakutia’s role in development of the Far East

The historical hall of the National Library of Yakutia held a presentation of a historical album in 2 values “Ways of Great Achievements. Significance of Yakutia in Development of the Far East” in honor of the 380th anniversary of Yakutia’s entry into the Russian State.

The editorial board consisted of scientists from Yakutia, Amur River Region, Primorye, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan, and Khabarovsk.

The book was published in September last year and was presented in Khabarovsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the same year, the album was awarded the Gold Medal at the Far East Book Fair “Printing House”.

The representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the Far Eastern Federal District, Georgy Nikonov, noted that the album for the first time clearly revealed the huge scale of the historical theme of Yakutian people's strategic role in the development of landmark areas on the way toward the Pacific Ocean shores.

The album contains several chapters consistently revealing its overall theme. It also includes portraits of historical figures, prints from old books and albums, reproductions of old engravings, old drawings of backpackers and expeditions, copies of ancient maps and their fragments, schemes of expeditions, paintings and drawings of historical events, facsimile of cover sheets of scientific papers, and photos of museum exhibits.


“The Yakut of the Year-2012” People’s Award

The triumphal hall of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) held the ceremony of conferral of “The Yakut of the Year-2012” award. For the sixth time the awards were handed over outstanding Yakutia’s residents in order to identify and support the Yakut people who had made significant achievements in the most important areas of political, social and cultural life of the Republic.

Over 60 people were nominated for the award, but the steering committee chose only 20 semifinalists for the further internet voting.

The award was handed over Stanislav Aleksandrov. According to local media sources, on May 29 last year there was a terrible accident with injured children in Pokrovsky tract of Yakutsk. Stanislav pulled children out of a damaged bus, and his wife, Klavdia, tried to reanimate them before ambulance arrival.


The Grand Prix holder was awarded a commemorative diploma and a medal decorated with brilliants.   


Best workers and labor dynasties of Yakutia

“Today, every part of our Republic holds solemn events. The Republic's Government representatives have visited Verkhnevilyuisky, Tattinsky and Namsky uluses – native lands of the great sons of the Yakut people: Isidor Barakhov, Platon Oyunsky and Maksim Ammosov”, - said the deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Alexander Borisov.

Thus, during his working trip to Verkhnevilyuisky ulus the President of the Republic and the Government delegation visited the village Kharbalakh and laid flowers at the monument to the founder of the Republic’s national identity, the public and political activist, Isidor Barakhov. Then there was the opening of the new exhibition at the Museum of the National Identity of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) named after Isidor Nikiforovich Barakhov.

Besides, flowers were laid at the monument to the prominent political and public figure, the writer and the dramatist, one of the founders of the national identity of Yakutia, Platon Alekseevich Oyunsky. He and his fellows had to work hard to prove the necessity of Yakutia’s state autonomy.

Yakutsk also held a solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the monument of the statesman, the founder of the Yakutian autonomy, Maksim Kirovich Ammosov. Government officials, professors, teachers and students came to commemorate the man, in honor of whom the North-Eastern Federal University was called.

On this day, the best University’s students were awarded certificates of appointment of Maksim Ammosov scholarships for excellent training, outstanding achievements in scientific research, proactive attitude and contribution to the development and increase of University’s prestige.

The first deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aleksey Struchkov, the deputy Head of “City of Yakutsk” City District, Dmitry Sadovnikov, government members, MPs, members of the City Council, clerisy and university students came to pay tribute to a great poet, a thinker and a public figure, Aleksey Eliseevich Kulakovsky.

In his speech Aleksey Struchkov said: “Traditionally, in this auspicious day, we pay tribute to the outstanding Yakutian educator, linguist and founder of the Yakutian writing fiction, glorious son of the Yakutian people, Aleksey Eliseevich Kulakovsky. With the help of Aleksey Kulakovsky Yakutian literature rose to the level of world belles letters”.


Ceremonial meeting of Republic heads and public representatives

In conclusion, the holiday ended by a ceremonial meeting of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the RS (Y) Government and public representatives, during which the state awards were handed over the best representatives of Yakutian modern society.

The State Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Suorun Omollon held this event where the families of outstanding descendants for the first time were given memorable decorations “The Best Labor Dynasty of the RS (Y)”.

The first names were recorded into the Book of Honor, created especially for the occasion: the Konstantinovs – a labor dynasty working in health care area for of 126 years, the Lukashevs working in the area of water transportation for 180 years, and the Shadrins working in the area of education for more than eight centuries.

The Head of the Republic said that the Republic had achieved a lot in a short historical period of time thanks to intentions and plans of the 20-ies of the last century. In conclusion, Egor Borisov recalled that in 2022 Yakutia will celebrate its statehood centenary and urged all the Yakuts to join forces for further development of the region and, thus, continue the work of the founders of the Yakutian autonomy.

Ivanova Mariia.