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20:34 | Apr 26 | 2013

The Earth Day in Yakutia

Proclamation of April 22 as the International Day of Earth Mother means that people has realized significance of the Earth and its ecosystems in support of life and means of subsistence, thus, assisting in creation of harmony with nature and the Earth for balance achievement between economic, social, and environmental needs of the present and future generations.

This holiday was appointed at the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly on April 22, 2009; it has been annually celebrating on April 33 since 2010.

The entire world celebrates the environmental holiday “Earth Day” created for publicity’s attraction to problems of the Earth and its environment.

The phrase “Earth Mother” is common in many countries and regions; it reflects interrelation between human beings and the planet. There are a lot of explanations of connection between nature and a man in Yakutian mythology. For example, Yakutian legends say that a wise old woman, the Earth Mistress, lives in old birches. In spring the Yakuts overhang these trees with gifts for the Mistress so as to awaken nature from winter sleep. In Yakut “Earth Mother” is “Sir Yie”.

On the occasion of such important day, Yakutsk held traditional events and campaigns for improvement of ecological well-being.

This day was started from students-ecologists’ activities: from very morning they went for Subbotnik (volunteer clean-up) of the sacred Lake of Saisary, thus, having made strong contribution into the Year of Environmental Protection of the RF. On the same day all volunteers took part in beautification and landscaping of their yards and streets.

The solemn opening of the International Earth Day was held during the IV Republican research and practical conference of students, postgraduates, scientists and experts “Improvement of control system of production and consumption wastes (Wastes to income)” within the framework of the Republican environmental campaign “Nature and Us”.  The conference took place in the Yakutian capital in the atrium of the NEFU building of departments of human sciences with participation of the RS (Y) Ministry of Environmental Protection, NEFU, Yakutsk Administration, the Public Utilities Board and others.

While greeting the conference participants, the Deputy Minister of Natural Protection of the Republic, Yakov Zarovnyaev, noted that “Wastes to income” conference gathered people concerned in environment of the Republic for the fourth time. “Problems of wastes and clean drinking water are the problems of global scale; with the help of such events we call the society and citizens of the Republic to unite and work together to resolve these problems”, - he said.

The chief specialist of the Ministry of Environmental Protection commented: “This is a major environmental calendar date. Natural-educational and environmental-educational works are carried out at a large scale in all regions of the Republic. Non-governmental organizations, educational institutions hold activities aimed at rising of environmental awareness, society involvement in practical conservation activities. For example, schools, museums and libraries hold open lectures, quizzes and competitions. It was nice to see pupils, students, professionals, and teachers from Yakutian regions taking part in the events”.

The event gathered 261 people including 125 children and 15 leaders from the Students Activity Center; 166 people spoke at the plenary session.

The members of the arrangements took part in the following sections:

At the I Section “Socio-economical aspects of wastes generation; organization, environmental control and responsibility of this problem solving” the first place went to the work “Comparative analysis of the Lena River water below dumping of liquid household wastes of Yakutsk” by students of the NEFU Biologic and Geographic Department Androsov I.A. and Ammosova V.M.

At the II Section “Environmental pollution with human activity wastes. Main areas of work for the disposal and recycling of wastes” the student of the Road-Transport Department, Tikhonov D.P., won the first place with his work “Recycling and disposal of used cars”.

At the III Section “Environmental education and enlightenment in the area of waste management” a teacher of Yakutsk Secondary School 35, Parnikov I.I., won the 1st place.         

The conference also included a trade fair “Garage-sale and the second life of old things” and a photo competition with 24 participating organizations. Besides, participants represented handiworks such as patchworks, original things made of wastes, origami and costumes within children’s eco-fashion.

“Tuimaada” shopping and entertainment center carried out a youth campaign (flashmob) named “Stop littering!” with the purpose of propaganda of environmental culture of behavior in public places.

The main point of these activities is to make people think how to save the planet and improve lives of all living creatures inhabiting it. It is important for every citizen of the Earth to take his or her place and role on the Earth.

It is time to understand that the Earth is our own and only home and do everything to remain it for our children and grandchildren.

Mariia Ivanova.