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18:40 | Apr 12 | 2013

Sakha-Travel 2013 Exhibition Fair in Yakutsk

On April 5-6 “Dokhsun” sports complex held the XIV Interregional exhibition fair of tourist routes and services “Sakha-Travel 2013. Village – a territory of hospitality”. Tour organizations from the Republic, RF regions, the People’s Republic of China and the CzechRepublic took part in the exhibition. This year it hosted 17 regions having several routes including international ones. Over 3000 guests visited it.


The exhibition is an important event for Yakutian tourism. The objective of the fair is promotion of domestic and incoming tourism and demonstration of potentialities of Republic tour companies. 


The Vice Prime Minister Alexander Borisov opened the exhibition and greeted guests and participants on behalf of the Republic Government. “Today the tourist business in Yakutia is developing in the frames of large strategic projects”, - he said.


The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development Ekaterina Kormilitsina told that there were 70 projects of new opening routes announced during the exhibition. But they are still should be brought up to international standards to “make our tourism comfortable, affordable, interesting and safe, which is most important.” 


According to the RF Ministry of Agriculture, 11 regions of Russia deal with rural tourism development with only 2% for every segment. The official estimates that there are about 1.5 thousand of rural houses and 4 thousand of them – unofficially – in Russia.

For instance, European rural tourism is growing rather rapidly and bringing to their tourism industry 20-30% of the total income.

The exhibition included training workshops, assistances on tourism business management, and presentations of institutions dealing with training of personnel for tourism industry. Famous Yakutian fashion artist, Honored Cultural worker of the Republic, member of the RussianCommonwealth

of Artists Avgustina Filippova gave a master-class on Yakutian costumes manufacture and discussion of ornaments and patterns meanings. 

Representatives of “Center” LLC, the Department of social and Cultural Services and Tourism of NFUS’s Institute of Foreign Philology and Regionology, the Olyokminsky ulus, “Usadba Bulus” Center of Integrated Development of Children, “Sotintsy” tourist base, “Chochur Muran” ethno-complex delivered their presentations; German Arbugaev, the general director of “Chochur Muran” gave a chance for guests to see a real raw-hide tent, Yakutian hunting laikas, and northern reindeer in the open air.   


The most ambitious presentation named “Northern mosaic” trading and entertainment complex was made by the director of “Center” LLC Nikilay Stepanov. “Northern mosaic” TEC includes several projects such as “Cossack outpost”, “Scandinavia”, “Forest sloboda and the station of yamschik”, “Economcomplexes”, “Kingdom of Yakutian winter”, and “Tabaginsky cape” rehabilitation center. This project was started this year for Yakutsk’s citizens and guests to behold traditions of Northern peoples and feel like in the Scandinavian countries.

The exhibition was also attended by representatives from the Khangalassky region of Yakutia. Their participation promoted establishment of direct contacts with leading republican, Russian and international tour operators for the exchange of tourist flows and provided the opportunity to offer Yakutian travel routes to residents and guests of the Republic.        


On the final day “Orto Doidu” restaurant held “Development of tourism in rural area” offsite workshop-seminar after which the participant visited “Orto Doidu”ZooPark, “OktyomPark” Ice complex and “Tekhtyur” Leisure center.

The organizers of the exhibition fair were the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development of the RS (Y) and “Yakutia” JSC National tour company.

Viktoria Gurjeva