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17:28 | Apr 05 | 2013

NEFU Pedagogical Institute enriches experience of their colleagues from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

The assistant professor of the Department of elementary education of NEFU’s Pedagogical Institute Venera Marfusalova deals with the problems of Indigenous peoples’ school education. At the invitation of the YNAD Regional Institute of Educational Development, she steered qualification upgrading courses for heads of Yamal rural schools on March 24-30.  “In recent years the interest in traditional national pedagogy based on original family values has heightened. At the present time Yamal pays special attention to the development of nomadic education of the Northern indigenous peoples. It is important for them to save their language, traditions and culture considering their psychological peculiarities”, - writes the participants of the courses. During the courses they discussed the process of boarding-schools changing when every child would get qualitative education.      

The theme of the courses was devoted to legislative support of ethno-cultural education, ethno-pedagogical and ethno-psychological features of children education in families, kindergartens and schools of the indigenous peoples of the North. In the opinion of the Candidate of pedagogic sciences Venera Marfusalova, such courses of NEFU lecturers enrich teachers’ experience and promote interregional relationships.

“Most of all I was impressed by faith and fortitude of a Nenets writer Anna Nerkagy. She became a nomad and opened a nomadic school, thus, giving an example of the way of work with future generations. Her graduates study at college with a specialization of a nomadic school teacher. This is an indicator of educational system development in Yamal”, - says the professor remembering the trip.


The courses were held in the framework of the VII Congress of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East in Salekhard. Heads of 42 educational institutions of Yamal were trained and received NEFU certificates.

Author: Varvara Zhirkova