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23:32 | Aug 12 | 2011

The Legendary Book

Everybody has heard about the Guinness Book of Records but few know where it came from or why it bears resemblance to a famous brand of strong Irish Guinness beer. Our northern republic is going to break a record of the Guinness book, and we decided to tell about the major historical landmarks in the creation and development of one of the world's most popular books today. 

The history of Guinness

It was the Guinness Breweries which became the creator of the record book. According to one of the versions, in 1951 the head of Guinness Sir Hugh Beaver took a shot at a passing plover while hunting and missed. Later, when discussing the results of the hunting over beers with friends he told about his bad shot. One of the interlocutors noted that the golden plover was the world’s fastest bird. The dispute regarding plovers prompted the participants to think that millions of people discuss similar things every night. Then it was decided to create an authoritative reference book to collect information about world records and champions.

The author of the book about the Guinness brand gives a different story. According to him the project was launched by Sir Beaver in 1954. This happened after Roger Bannister had become the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, and disputes about records became common in pubs. The Guinness book was published in 1955. For the first time in the history of printing neither a detective nor a novel became a bestseller but a real encyclopedia.

The record success

At first the book looked like a trustworthy reference book but eventually they started to include fun and extravagant achievements in it. For the first few months over 5000 copies were sold. And by 1956 the sales exceeded the mark of 5 million copies.

The Guinness Book of Records was first published in Russian in 1989. There is also a national book of records, the Record Book of Russia, it includes both the world and national achievements of the Russians (first published in 1989).

However, in 2001 the Guinness company management decided that the book does not correspond to the central idea of the brand. As a result, the company sold it to Gullane for 45 million pounds.

Entertainment and challenge

At the moment the book is published in more than 100 countries in 37 languages. The anniversary, 50th edition of this book was produced in 2005.

At present, the Guinness Book of Records is almost completely an independent industry. As published facts very quickly become obsolete, specifically authorized committees have been created in different countries to muster new records and issue special diplomas.

This collection of notes about the very-very best serves as an inexhaustible source of information for the conclusion of various bets and to entertain guests, as well as an important challenge for self-improvement.

In 2003, the circulation of the book exceeded 100 million copies.


The Guinness World Record on the territory of Us Khatyn

During the VII International Congress Festival “The Trump in the Cultural Space of the World”, which will be held on June 23-26, 2011, the players from all around the world will make an attempt to break a Guinness record. A thousand of trump players are coming to the sacred place of Us Khatyn (here, the forefather of the Sakha people, the legendary Elley first held a celebration of Ysyakh) to simultaneously play their trumps.