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23:10 | Aug 11 | 2011

Combative Nature

At the end of April in Chekhov, the Moscow Region, the Russian Men's Boxing Championship will be held. Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, three-time champion of Europe and six-time champion of Russia, the deputy of State assembly (Il Tumen), of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), George Balakshin seriously aims at gaining the gold pedestal. He will get prepared with a new coach – the Honoured Trainer of Russia Sergey Anokhin. 

– So, could you tell us, please, how last training was?

– At the beginning of each year Russian national boxing team holds training in Kislovodsk. It has become a kind of a tradition for me because I am in the national team for more than ten years. From the Yakuts – the Master of Sports of International Class Alexander Samoilov and the Master of Sports of the Russian Federation Semen Stepanov are trained here in Kislovodsk.

– George, they say that you have a new coach…

– Yes, I do. Sergey Anokhin. I have already worked with him before – in the youth national team in 1998-1999. He was a working coach of the team, but trained our group as well.

– It is known that the Russian Championship will take place in Chekhov in April.

– That’s true. And my task is to win this championship.

– Do you plan to participate in any other events before the Championship?

– Certainly. I think that it will be an international tournament.

– Will you manage to gain revenge on last year Russian champion Mikhail Aloyan this time?

– Certainly, I will!

Interviewed by Alexander Poselskiy



In a few words

Arthur Pakhomov, the Honoured Trainer of Russia, George Balakshin’s first trainer, says about Sergey Anokhin:

“Sergey Anokhin won the title of the Honoured Trainer of Russia when he was only 27 years old! He worked in sports association Manpower Reserves, and also as the working trainer of the Russian youth national team, helped the senior coach Gennady Savin. I remember that in 1999 we went together to Argentina to the international tournament where George took the second place. In recent years, if I am not mistaken, Sergey worked in professional boxing. Let’s hope that this union will have only positive results”.



George Balakshin: Balakshin George, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The Honoured Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in boxing, Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing, captain of the National team...

Vladimir Putin: I see. As though you want to attack me! Will you be in London?

George Balakshin: I will have selection in May. Hope, I will succeed. It is always an honour to represent our country, especially at the Olympic Games.

I am from village Antonovka – in the boondocks of Yakutia. There were practically no conditions for playing sports. I had to train even in a school corridor because there was no gym hall. I believe that the victory at the first Children of Asia Games in 1996 became determinative in my career. I think that these games give young sportsmen a chance to approve themselves, to move to another, higher, level. From the very beginning, the Government of Russia and the Party Edinaya Rossiya (“United Russia”) supported the unique initiative of Yakutia.

Mr. Putin, I know you as a person keen on sports and as sportsman to sportsman I would like to invite you to our Republic in 2012 when the Children of Asia V Games will be held.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you very much! The Children of Asia International Sports Games are really important competitions with a considerable quantity of participants. On the whole, Yakutia does a lot for children’s development in spite of the severe climate. When I was there for the first time, I was pleased to notice: there are very good general education schools, and a musical centre to educate gifted children from all around the Republic. As for sports, it is planned to create a new training sports centre in the Republic. We allocate 2.7 billion rubles from the federal budget for the construction.

From the shorthand report
of the Inter-regional party conference
“The Far East Development”, Khabarovsk. December 5, 2010