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22:57 | Aug 10 | 2011

Children of Asia a Step to the Olympic Pedestal

Once every four years Yakutia becomes the arena of summer and all-weather Children of Asia International Sports Games which are held under the patronage of the International Olympic committee and cover the Asian part of the continent. The Children of Asia Games set a task to propagandise the Olympic ideas and healthy life-style, to establish new cooperation in sports and to strengthen friendship among children of the Asia-Pacific region. 

The idea to hold the Games is connected to the name of the first president of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Mikhail Nikolayev. The Children of Asia Games were first held in 1996. Competitions included eight sports. 250 young sportsmen from six foreign countries and four Russian Federation regions participated in them. The 2nd “Children of Asia” Games were held in 2000; that time 1178 young sportsmen from 13 countries and 23 regions of Russia took part in them. Competitions had 16 sports. 1509 sportsmen from 14 foreign countries and 27 subjects of the Russian Federation participated in the 3rd Games in 2004. Competitions were held already in 17 sports disciplines. And 1854 young sportsmen from 16 countries and 26 subjects of Russia took part in the last 4th Games (2008).

As we see the Children of Asia Games has a good tradition to increase their volume every time and to acquire importance to sports competitions. Participation in the “Children of Asia” Games has really become an important milestone in sports life of many children from different countries all over the world.

The Children of Asia V International Sports Games will be held in Yakutia in 2012 and, as it is already known, the event will come to an absolutely new level. It is planned that over 3000 young sportsmen, their trainers, special guests and sports leaders from Russia and more than 20 foreign countries will take part in the Games. The program of the forthcoming games will include 19 sports.

During all the games there will be not only sports events, but also a rich entertainment program with grand opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, great excursions and rest for young sportsmen.

It should be specially noted that grand opening and closing ceremonies of the Games are traditionally performed in a colourful and fascinating way. Spectators of the Children of Asia 2012 will watch a grandiose show, which includes mass theatrical performances, competitors’ parade, etc. Solemn ceremonies give a unique chance to get acquainted more closely with far Yakutia, to “touch” the cultural variety of peoples who name this severe land their home.

The Children of Asia Games take a special place in life of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), and not only because of sports popularization and other good undertakings. The “Children of Asia” Games initiated extensive building of sports objects in Yakutia. Since 1995 and till 2008 a number of projects was put into operation in Yakutsk which meet world standards: the Sports Palace “50 let pobedy”, “Tuymaada” Stadium with a track and field athletics ground, “Elley Bootur” Ice Palace, “Dolgun” gymnasium and swimming pool, “Modun” Sports Complex, “Yunnost” Stadium, and also four-stars Hotel “Polyarnaya Zvezda”, roofed Stadium “Gornyak” in Neryungri town, Sports Complexes “Tiumf” and “Kimberlite” in Mirny town.

Within the bounds of preparation for the Children of Asia V Games there was started construction of such new buildings as the “Sports Training Centre” (sports and entertainment complex, 3000 places). There will also be constructed a new sports centre with a swimming pool which can hold international competitions.

In forthcoming 2012 in addition to the Children of Asia V Games in Yakutsk there will also be held the IV “Russia – Country of Sports” International Sports Forum, and State Council session at the President of the Russian Federation concerning physical training and sports development.