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23:45 | Nov 20 | 2012

Diamond on the Map of Russia

In late August 2012 a promotional tour “The Diamond Week of Yakutia” was held in the cities of Yakutsk and Mirny. The main purpose of the event was to create an exclusive brand and to promote it on the tourist market. “The Diamond Week” is planned to become an annual event.

The guests visited the diamond capital of Russia – the city of Mirny where they had a chance to see the largest kimberlite pipe “Mir” and have a look how a diamonds sorting center works. In Yakutsk, the delegations visited a repository of precious metals and a plant for production of diamonds.
The official part of the promotional tour – conference “Yakutia – a Diamond on the Map of Russia” – was held in the Government House of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and was divided into three sections: trends and prospects of the diamond and jewelry sphere in the modern world; the tourism potential of the region and the regional branding; communication strategies and branding as a factor of increasing investment attractiveness of the region.
President of the Republic Egor Borisov welcomed the participants of the conference. He presented a detailed description of the socio-economic status of the Republic, advised of the tourism complex in Yakutia, and outlined the features and benefits which will allow an active increase in the development pace of the tourism potential of the Land of Olonkho and the diamond industry of the Republic. “I hope the conference will give an impetus to the development of the diamond industry in the context of promotion of tourist offers,” said the president.
Mikhail Osipov, Minister of Economy and Industrial Policy, gave a more detailed report on the socio-economic situation of the Republic and the prospects of diamond industry.
Yacov Ishutin, deputy governor of the Altai Territory, Andrey Simonovsky, project manager of the Directorate on Promotion of Territories of the AGT Communications agency, Sergey Stanovkin, head of the BBS World News commercial department in Eurasia and others talked about specifics of brand formation.
Yuri Okoemov, vice president of ALROSA, and Petr Fedorov, CEO of “EPL Diamond” gave an update on the situation with the largest enterprises in diamond industry, as well as on the organization and future consumer marketing issues.
After the conference the guests of “The Diamond Week” visited the “Treasury of Yakutia” exhibition and learned about the diamond cutting industry.
A diamond auction hosted by ALROSA – a part of the promotional tour closed from the public – was a great success. Representatives of 46 foreign and Russian companies were offered 26 high quality diamonds at the auction. The total weight of the items was 499.75 carats. The largest auctioned diamond weighed 36.47 carats. As a result of this trading session 21 items were sold for a total of over 2.2 million, which is a very good result. For example, during the diamond auction, which took place in Moscow this June, 36 of 51 represented items were sold.
At the final press conference of the event the organizers, including the Ministry for Enterprise and Tourism Development of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), “EPL Diamond”, ALROSA, made a conclusion that the debut of “The Diamond Week” can be considered a success, and that the decision to carry out the promotional tour each year was made.

Where were guests from?
The promotional tour was attended by over 130 guests from 9 countries and several regions of Russia. The largest delegation came from China.