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22:59 | Nov 21 | 2012

Get a sight of a mammoth and not die

Citizens of Moscow will learn what the largest region in Russia is remarkable for.

On November, 23 in the Gostiny Dvor of Moscow, the universal exhibition “Sakha-EXPO” will be opened. The exhibition is held in order to demonstrate the investment and tourism potential of the Republic, the achievements in such areas as economy, industry, transport, energy, science and culture of Yakutia as part of anniversary events to commemorate the 90th milestone of the founding of the Republic and the 380th anniversary of its entry into the Russian state.

Wind rose of the economy
“Sakha-EXPO” in the Gostiny Dvor is history and geography rolled into one: here to a possible extend north, south, west, east of Yakutia will be presented – the whole wind rose, the entire economic life in its basic forms. The working motto of the project is “Yakutia – the eco-pulse of Russia”.
What will “Sakha- EXPO” exhibition be interesting for? At the center of the exhibit in the Gostiny Dvor an ancient summer house of the Yakuts – urasa, decorated in traditional style will be placed. Among the decorative elements there will be items of horse decking, because horse, as you know, is a sacred symbol of the Sakha people.
Undoubtedly, an attractive item for visitors to see will be ... a mammoth. More precisely a stuffed mammoth, with absolutely genuine tusks and with fur grown on a host skeleton. The mammoth looks impressive. Their remains are still found on the territory of Yakutia.
Cases with another miracle of Yakutia – the musical instrument khomus (Jew’s harp) – will be located just behind the mammoth; in ancient times it was known to almost all nations of the earth, but stroke root and was preserved only in the North – among the Yakuts. In the Gostiny Dvor, one will be able to see many different models of khomuses, and an interactive map and displays will be put on the walls to demonstrate films about this wonderful instrument.

Ship out? Try it!
The section of the exhibition “Investments. Infrastructure. Industry” will demonstrate a great LED tridimensional map of Yakutia, which will depict highways and major mineral deposits to the guests. Behind it there will be a display of the transport sector. Moreover, an interactive room is being built: a ship cabin simulator – how else to experience the Northern Sea Route? Stands will display the major oil and gas and mining enterprises of the Republic, will demonstrate the coal industry, the investment project “Corporation of South Yakutia Development” and other energy projects.
Section “Yakutsk”, as you might have guessed, is dedicated to the capital of the Republic and carries a number of “stories”. One of them is a photo exhibition “Yakutsk through the eyes of citizens”, another one – a video wall with clips about the city, and the third – models of already built and still planned facilities.
And of course the “Shopping rows" in the style of a Yakut arc – it is here one can buy environmentally friendly products for cooking or purchase some of the works of folk art.

There are different kinds of treasures
Another section of the exhibition is “Treasury of Yakutia”. These are not just unique pieces of jewelry and handicrafts. These are the best folk crafts samples of the National Art Museum of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the exhibits of the State Treasure Repository of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).
What is “The Diamond Yakutia”? This magical phrase has a magical effect and attracts everyone. Yes, during the “Sakha-EXPO” demonstration and sale of jewelry will be organized but the intangible diamond of Yakutia is a unique National Park “Lena Pillars”, which was included in the list of global sites protected by UNESCO this year. That is why films about Lena Pillars will be shown in the Gostiny Dvor, inviting tourists to visit this mysterious and fascinating world.
Yakut carvers will have a chance to present their skills in the Gostiny Dvor: today Yakutia is in some way a flagship of carving art. But perhaps not only the work of the Yakuts will be introduced at the “Sakha-EXPO”: negotiations on the participation of bone carvers from other regions of the country are being held. After all, creative language of carving art in Russia is very diverse and is represented in Kholmogory of Arkhangelsk region, in Kamchatka and Yakutia and among small-numbered peoples of the North. No other country in the world has it!

Rare, therefore valuable
Also a Film Festival will be held in the Gostiny Dvor and within it – a discussion forum, which was proposed by the initiators of the project “Cinema of Russia – 2020” Fyodor Bondarchuk and Eduard Pichugin, the founder of the federal cinema chains “Kronverk Cinema” and “KINO CITY”.
Republic, as is well-known, is rich in art and creativity, the drama talent of Yakut artists is known not only in Russia. We can only regret that touring of Yakut theaters is a rare phenomenon due to the remoteness. But this time the Gostiny Dvor audience has two performances completely unique in nature ahead: “Elley Bohotur” based on the Yakut epic Olonkho and the premiere of “The Constellation of Maria”, based on the work of Vladimir Fedorov.
The Republic is glad to invite guests from Moscow, business partners, representatives of major business, entrepreneurial business, social and political circles to “Sakha-EXPO”.

Not just “I came, I saw”

Arian Ermolaev, Deputy Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia):
“Sakha-EXPO” goes beyond a static understanding of an exhibition. This is not just “I came, I saw”. This is an opportunity to take part in debates and business programs. Or try, for example, national Yakut cuisine, buy environmentally friendly products, or just take a photo against mammoths and artifacts.
What will this exhibition give to the Republic? This is not so much an opportunity to give a taste of quality but more an opportunity to experience the full potential, to understand how well we are moving in a given direction, whether it is science or innovation, agriculture, industry or manufacturing. In fact, today it is important to weigh against not only all-Russian, but also the global context. Exhibition is a search of partners: business, science, IT, creative. Usually exhibition activity in Russia is specialized, and in this case we can say that Yakutia is the first region, which came forward with a universal exhibition.”