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17:03 | Sep 12 | 2012

“Children of Asia”: The way to become champions

The upcoming Games will be the biggest event in the life of the Sakha Republic.

International Sports Games "Children of Asia" were first held in Yakutia in 1996 and since then they have become a true sports tradition. And in the summer of 2012, everyone awaits a really grand event – the fifth anniversary of ISG “Children of Asia”, which promises fans many surprises and young athletes are presented with new opportunities and new perspectives.

“Children of Asia” -5: All flags are welcome here
How ISG-2012 will be different from the sports games of past years? First, this year's event promises to be even more ambitious because the number of participating countries increased to 37. This became possible thanks to the help and support of a major sports organization – OCA (the Olympic Council of Asia). The Council is an association of National Olympic Committees in more than 40 countries in Asia. This year, the OCA has organized sponsorship of the so-called “poor” countries, which would consist of payments for travel, accommodation and expenses of athletes.
Second, the current level of development of children's sports in Asia has significantly increased today – that is why the coming games promise to be even more lively and spectacular. This is also one of the reasons why another significant event for the world of sports is going to happen within the framework of the ISG “Children of Asia”. The mentioned event is a founding conference establishing a new organization of a world-class level the main focus of which will be the development and support of children's sports.
ISG "Children of Asia" is an important project for the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) because due to the fact that the sport games made possible cooperation with global organizations, another perspective was opened for Yakutia - popular national sports of Yakutia have got chances to acquire the status of International in the future. And this is a great opportunity for Yakut athletes to become famous worldwide.

By the way
"Children of Asia" are held in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic Committee of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. All past Games received the patronage of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the 3rd and 4th got the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, and the 4th - of the Olympic Council of Asia.
Reports about the third and the fourth Games were presented to the Board of the International Olympic Committee. IOC President Jacques Rogge and members of the Board expressed their appreciation for the results of the Games, stressing that the IOC will continue to cooperate in their development in all possible ways.

* * *

*The first "Children of Asia" got their start in 1996 at the initiative of the first President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) M.E. Nikolaev and were devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Olympic movement.
*The second Games were held in Yakutsk in 2000. Competitions were held in 16 sports. They were attended by more than a thousand young athletes from 13 Asian countries and 23 subjects of Russia.
*In 2004, teams from 14 countries of Asia and 26 subjects of Russia came for the third Games. They were attended by more than 1,500 young athletes. Competitions were held in 17 sports. The events of the Games were daily broadcast via satellite systems in Europe and Asia-Pacific region for an audience of up to 2 billion people by “TV Center” and the NBC “Sakha”.
*The fourth Games were held in 2008. They were attended by more than two thousand young athletes from Asia and Russia. At that time the Games were held in three cities of the Republic - Yakutsk, Mirny and Neryungri. During those Games a number of modern sports facilities were utilized, an "Olympic Village", where all participants of the Games resided, was organized, a special information and transportation network as well as security and nutrition systems were set up and a cultural program was developed.

"Children of Asia" have received the patronage of UNESCO

Dmitry Glushko, Vice-President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the Republic's chairman of the Organizing Committee for the International Sports Forum “Russia - a Country of Sports” and the V International Sports Games “Children of Asia” received a letter from Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, with the following text:
"This event coincides with the objectives of UNESCO's work both together and to the benefit of young people, as well as meets the primary objectives of the Organization in the field of sports and physical culture. Thus, I am pleased to give the patronage of UNESCO to the V International Sports Games "Children of Asia" and allow the use of UNESCO's logo along with the phrase "Under the auspices of UNESCO" on all materials of the event in accordance with the attached key terms of use. Taking into account UNESCO's support for gender equality around the world, I urge you to pay particular attention to equal participation of women in the Games. I also take this opportunity to wish you success of your event."
So today International Sports Games “Children of Asia” are under the patronage of two worldwide highly respected organizations. They are the International Olympic Committee and UNESCO.