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23:58 | Sep 11 | 2012

From Games «Children of Asia» - to Olympus peaks!

That is the main motto of the International Sports Games for Children.

The Games «Children of Asia» opened many bright names to the sports world, having become a jumping-off place into elite sports for many well-known today's stars. Well, who are they?

They were the first
Six players of the International Sports Games «Children of Asia» participated thereafter in the Olympic Games. Let's tell a little about each of them. The first athlete - the Mongolian judoist, the participant of the III International Sports Games «Children of Asia» 2004 – Tuvshinbayar Naidan. He won a gold medal at the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing and became the national hero after that. There was no athlete in the Mongolian history before who conquered the Olympus. One more representative of the Mongolian judo school Tashbaatar Tsaganbaatar (the participant of the ISG-2000) became the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Yakut George Balakshin, the participant of the first Games, became the six-time boxing champion of Russia, the triple champion of Europe, the bronze medalist of the World Championship and the Olympic Games-2008 in Beijing. Leonid Spiridonov, the free-style wrestling champion of Asia, the bronze medalist of the World Championship and the Asian Games, twice reached the bronze final of the Olympic Games (2004, 2008). Another participant of the Games «Children of Asia»-2000 - wrestler Yang Chun Son from the North Korea - was the participant of the Olympic Games-2008 in Beijing. The participant of the ISG-2004 Turkish wrestler César Akgul also played at the Beijing Olympic Games.
It is quite possible that after the Olympic Games-2012 which will pass in London, there will be even more sports stars who have come out from the participants of the «Children of Asia».

Our stars of sports sky
Many champions and prize-winners of the world, Europe and Asia came out of «Children of Asia». For example, the winner of the First Games Gavril Kolesov became the world champion on Russian draughts for six times; players of the Games Marfa Danilova and Irina Platonova became bronze medalists of the Russian Draughts World Cup for women. Mikhail Gyunter, the player of the Games-2000, became the world streetball champion for three times.
In 2008 Judo champion of the Games-2004 Arsen Galstyan from the Yakut team became the winner of Junior World Championship. In 2007 the participant of the Games-2004 Natalia Leontyeva won the World Youth Mountain Running Championship. Yakut competitors of the Games of different years - Prokopiy Petrov, Osip Mikhailov and Victor Lebedev - became champions of Russia in freestyle wrestling. Mr. Lebedev is the triple champion of Russia, the double champion and the bronze prize-winner of the World Championship and the European Championship.
The participant of competitions in rhythmic gymnastics of the IV International Sports Games «Children of Asia» Darya Dmitrieva from Irkutsk became the world champion of 2009 and 2010. The bronze prize-winner of the IV ISG «Children of Asia» Christina Timofeeva from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) became the winner of Junior World Archery Championship-2012.
The list can be continued. We believe and expect that the International Sports Games "Children of Asia" will continue presenting super sportsmen to the world!