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20:54 | Sep 10 | 2012

Vast space for development

Thanks to the Games many modern sports constructions appeared in the Republic.

The decision of the first President of the Republic Mikhail Nikolaev to hold the International Sports Games “Children of Asia” in the region was of great importance for development of sports infrastructure in Yakutia.
Thus, four major sports objects are being put into operation on the eve of the Games-2012 in Yakutsk: all-purpose sports complex “Centre of Sports Preparation”, an indoor football arena, an Olympic type swimming pool “Kelyukechen”, an extension to the republican centre of national sports “Modun”. Each object presupposes development of the corresponding sports. We will talk about them in detail.

All-purpose sports complex “Centre of Sports Preparation”
The erection of this complex started in 2009. Intended for 3,000 seats, it will become the central ground for holding of the International Forum “Russia Is a Sports Power”, as well as V International Sports Games “Children of Asia”. The complex is one of the most large-scale projects of sports industry in the whole Far East. An indoor arena for holding of sports, training activities along with cultural and entertainment events will be placed there. Four 200 m long running tracks and broad jump, high jump and pole vault sectors will be also allocated in the sports complex. A dismountable area of a medical and rehabilitation centre, a section of sports halls (wrestling and boxing halls) as well as a 96-places dormitory for athletes will be located in the complex. The architectural composition of the complex consists of 3 blocks. The main block is a track and field hall with stands.
The project cost of the object is 2 bil 395 mil rubles, the federal budget appropriates 1 bil 250 mil out of this sum.

Indoor football arena
The football arena is one of the most unique objects. It is located in a park zone on the territory of the unfinished stadium “Automobilist”. According to the international standards a 165x110 m football field with artificial turf and 3,000-seats stands will be placed in the arena. Yakut football field will be the only in the world which will be erected on piles. Furthermore, airgun and archery shooting galleries, as well as a fitness hall will be allocated here. The stadium will become a place of cultural events holding besides holding of football matches.

Olympic type swimming pool “Kelyukechen”
Swimming is introduced into the programme of the games “Children of Asia” for the first time. Erection of the 25x50 m swimming pool which meets all the requirements of the Olympic Games and World Championships on long water is timed to the event. The newest technologies and materials were used while constructing the swimming pool.
The height of the “Kelyukechen” hall is more than 12 metres. 10 lanes of 2.5 metres width with electronic system of start and finish will be here. The main 25x50 m pool will be intended for 8 lanes, made of stainless steel instead of concrete covered with tiling. Availability of a 4x8 metres bath with a special artificial current for professional sportsmen will be a unique feature of the swimming pool. The availability of this bath will allow the athletes to qualitatively develop their swimming technique. A small bath for children will be also constructed, its size will come to 10x12 metres. On the whole, the standards according to which the only in Yakutia “long swimming pool” is being erected will allow the region to host world level swimming competitions.

Republican centre of national sports “Modun” (extension)
A two-level hall for holding of combat sport competitions with a 300-seats amphitheatre (taekwondo tournament of the V International Sports Games “Children of Asia” will take place here), specialized halls for national sports trainings, a conference-hall, a medical and rehabilitation complex and fitness halls will be located in the attached part.
In addition to it, a track and field arena with a 150-seats stand and 3 running tracks will be placed in this part of the complex: one of them with a special soft surface for jumping exercises, the other one with tensometric platforms for conduction of scientific research, along with a regular track for official competitions, track and field and Yakut jumps trainings. During holding of the Games the arena will be used as a table tennis training object.

Great construction
Due to the International Sports Games “Children of Asia” many modern sports constructions appeared in the Republic. Among them is an ice stadium “Ellei Bootur”, a stadium with artificial turf “Tuimaada”, a sports arena “50 Years of Victory”, a sports complex “Modun”, swimming pools “Samorodok” and “Dolgun”, students’ sports complex with a stadium “Youth”, an indoor stadium in Neryungri, sports complexes in Mirny and other district centers as well as a lot of other constructions.
Preparation and erection of sports objects for V International Sports Games “Children of Asia” and IV International Sports Forum “Russia Is a Sports Power” has acquired a greater scale. The overall cost of all the construction sites comes to about 15 bil rubles, among which are the funds for erection of sports objects, dormitories, passenger terminal of the airport, as well as demolition and resettlement of dwelling houses, reconstruction of streets network and municipal improvement of the capital of the Republic.