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16:58 | Sep 07 | 2012

Diamond Week of Yakutia. Results

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) #193-p as of March 12, 2012 a promotional tour "Diamond Week of Yakutia" took place in Mirny and Yakutsk from 27 to 31 August this year which was intended to create an exclusive brand “Diamond Week of Yakutia” and to promote it to the world and domestic tourist markets. 

Over 130 guests from the UK, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Israel, India, Belgium, the USA attended the events of the “Diamond week of Yakutia”. There were also guests from Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Altai and Khabarovsk regions. It was attended by representatives of 13 media: BBC World News, “My Planet”, Heilongjiang TV, Russian Travel Guide, China International Radio, Voice of Russia, RIA Novosti, ITAR-TASS, “Izvestia”, “Rossiyskaya Federatsia Segodnya”, “Yuvelirnoe Obozrenie”, “Restec Junwex” media holding, “Vestnik Alrosa”.
More than 20 local journalists from NBC Sakha, VGTRK, the newspaper “Yakutia”, “Sakha Sire”, “Kyym”, “Nashe Vremya”, YSIA and others also took an active part in the promotional tour.
The tour program was very busy.

On August 28, the promotional tour participants visited Mirny in the course of the excursion program. Kimberlite pipe mine “Mir”, ALROSA Museum of History and Production, ALROSA Diamond Sorting Center, Museum of Blue Earth (kimberlites) were part of the visit.

On August 29, conference “Yakutia – a diamond on the map of Russia” was held, which was attended by Egor Borisov, the President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). 142 representatives of the diamond production and processing industries, media, tourism and related industries participated in the conference.
The conference focused on the following issues:

  • Trends and perspectives for the diamond and jewelry sector in the world today
  • Tourism potential of the region and regional branding
  • Communication strategies and branding as a factor to increase the investment attractiveness of the region

Sergey Stanovkin, Head of BBC World News in Eurasia, and Andrei Gavrilov, a federal expert in tourism, moderated the conference.

No less interesting or busy was the excursion part of the promotional tour “Diamond Week of Yakutia”, which included a visit to the “Treasury of the Republic”, the diamond cutting factory of the Committee for Precious Metals and Gems (Yakutia), the tourist complex “Ytyk Haya” and the “Kingdom of Permafrost”.
Moreover, open days in “The Treasury of Yakutia” and lapidary factories of the capital were held as part of the promotional tour especially for residents and visitors of Yakutsk.

A special place in the project takes the “Diamond Private Viewing”, during which the participants of the promotional tour and residents of the capital were able to review collections of diamond jewelry, take part in the auction of certified Yakutian diamonds. Six out of nine high quality diamond units (EPL Diamond, YDC, CMD RS (Y)) found their owner.

On August 31, 2012 the 53rd international auction for special size diamonds organized by ALROSA was finalized in Yakutsk. From 27 to 30 August, bidders were able to have a look at the diamonds offered for sale.
ALROSA diamonds were sold by auction. 26 high quality gems with a total weight of more than 499.75 carats were offered to buyers. The largest of the auctioned diamonds weighed 36.49 carats.
The auction was attended by representatives of 46 Russian and foreign companies from the U.S., Belgium, Israel, India, China, Russia, including nine companies from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), specializing in operations with large diamonds and commercially prestigious. As a result of the trading, 21units were sold for a total of over 2.2 million.
The participants of the promotional tour noted that such events contribute to the exchange of best practices and enhancement of effective communication between various entities on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District and in Russia in general.