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17:32 | Sep 04 | 2012

Yakut hub

Egor Borisov has reported on the achievements and problems of the Republic.

On June 9 the President of the Sakha Republic Egor Borisov had a meeting with journalists of the leading federal and foreign media at the news agency ITAR-TASS in Moscow. The press conference was attended by over 50 journalists from 37 editions, including representatives of the “Interfax”, “Radio Rossiyi”, “RIA-Novosti”, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” and “Kommersant”.
The press conference was devoted to the organization of the IV International Sports Forum “Russia – a Sports Country” and the V International Sports Games “Children of Asia”, to the 380th anniversary of Yakutia joining the Russian state and the 90th anniversary of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), as well as to current issues of socio-economic development of the largest region of the country.

On Transport and Energy
Speaking on the socio-economic and socio-political situation in the Republic, Egor Borisov conventionally divided all the problems into three major blocks. In the first place, it is underdeveloped transport and energy infrastructure.
Transport is being developed in Yakutia. In the Republic the railroad Berkakit - Tommot – Yakutsk is built till the station Nizhny Bestyakh, the central pipeline “Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean” is constructed, automobile roads and main power lines are being built, Zyrianskaya TPP is under construction, gas pipeline Yakutia - Khabarovsk is planned to be constructed. But deficiency of infrastructure development still severely hinders the development of the Republic.
Egor Borisov is sure that the gas pipeline routes should be chosen to be constructed in alignment with the existing ESPO pipeline. One of the main arguments in favor of such a decision is the need to preserve the pristine nature of the north which is a world-class value. Construction of the pipeline in the unexplored territory of the taiga not only will affect the natural reserve of federal importance and the National Park of the Republic but also result in tangible costs of building roads and temporary sites for the needs of builders, as well as require additional energy expenditure.
Constructing the pipeline at the site of ESPO will reduce the cost of future gasification of settlements in the Aldan and Neryungri areas of the Republic in the long run.

On the Subsoil
The second complex issue of Yakutia, according to the president of the Republic, is the incomplete knowledge about the wealth of mineral resources. The Republic's leadership is taking active steps to address this issue. Egor Borisov said that last month he held important meetings with Alexander Popov, the new head of the Federal Agency for Subsoil, and Nikolai Laverov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, during which they discussed issues of a new comprehensive study of the productive forces of Yakutia and the Far East, taking into account the realities of the XXI century.

On the Social Infrastructure
Finally, another complex problem is the insufficient development of social infrastructure. 14% of housing in the Republic is classified as dilapidated. Some social objects are also in critical condition - schools, hospitals, boilers, etc. All these issues are addressed utilizing a systematic approach in Yakutia. For many years, a program of building new schools has been successfully implemented, in the near future the program for building 100 kindergartens should become reality. If during the last year 54 new boilers were built in Yakutia on a scheduled basis, in 2012 more than 70 new objects of heating infrastructure are planned to be built.

On preparations for the Sport Forums
Journalists were interested in the preparations for the upcoming IV International Forum "Russia - a Sports Country" and the V International Sports Games "Children of Asia" in July 2012.
According to the President of Yakutia, hosting of major events first of all contributes to the transformation of the Republic's capital, turning it into a truly beautiful modern city. After all, preparation for events of such a high level involves the demolition of old and building of new housing, improving the quality of roads, landscaping, new sports and social facilities, which primarily means that all residents of the capital would benefit. Borisov is confident that the Forum and the sports competitions will have great influence on the further development of youth sport not only in Yakutia but throughout Russia.

On Culture
Since gaining autonomy in 1922 Yakutia made a breakthrough in its development – its industrial base has begun to form in the Republic and unique farming has begun to develop. The speaker of the press conference noted that in recent decades the quality of life in Yakutia has changed, rich national culture is becoming more popular. Egor Borisov made a special emphasis on the fact that the Republic pays great attention not only to strengthening the economic foundation, but also to raising cultural awareness of the population, without which prosperity is difficult to be reached.
“People need to be raised to a new level, if we talk about information acquisition and perception-wise. The national cultural heritage needs to be actively mastered and the cultures of other nations should be better familiarized with", he said. The coming celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the autonomy of Yakutia, in the opinion of Egor Borisov, provide an excellent opportunity for that.
The Republic will celebrate its statehood day at a scale by organizing events dedicated to that in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and Novosibirsk. The main celebrations will be held in the capital of Russia in autumn. Republic's groups will perform at the best stages of Moscow, including the Bolshoi Theatre.

* * *
Egor Borisov replied the questions about the expected return of election of heads of the subjects of the Russian Federation and the renaming of the highest official of Yakutia, about working with investors on major projects, as well as why this year there were less forest fires in the Republic, etc.
Journalists asked the President of the Republic many questions. They were interested in the details of the preparations to the Games "Children of Asia" and the Forum "Russia - a Sports Country", what measures are taken to protect the ecology of the Republic, the situation with northern and arctic regions. All questions were thoroughly answered.