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19:32 | Aug 09 | 2012

This music will be ours

Musicians from around the Globe took part in a symphonic concert in Yakutsk.

A grandiose event took place in Yakutsk on May 10 – a concert of the Yakutia Philharmonic Society’s Big Symphonic Orchestra. The concert featured musicians that represented symphonic orchestras of Russian, German, Spanish, Syrian and Chinese philharmonic societies and opera theatres.

20 years later
Eight musicians from Yakutia played in the orchestra. The project marked a new phase in the Republic’s cultural life – the foundation and development of the State Philharmonic Society’s symphonic orchestra.
According to the Chief Conductor Fabio Mastrangelo from Italy, the Yakutia Philharmonic Society currently has all the necessary resources to operate successfully. “First and foremost this includes talented and hard working musicians, who are ready to develop and willing to achieve more”, - he said at a press conference that was held the day before the concert. Let us recall that the first symphonic concert featuring a small number of musicians had been successfully given in March. This time though the performance was unique with 70 musicians, all from different parts of the world, on the stage. Fabio Mastrangelo also noted that music was one of the most important components of a country’s culture. It must develop and flourish. “Culture always wins and advances despite all the hurdles”, - he thinks. It is a pleasure to see that Fabio Mastrangelo always includes works of Yakut compositors in his program. This tremendous music has been waiting for being performed by a symphonic orchestra for as long as twenty years.

A solo from Ivan
The Big Concert’s program featured a lot of things: the music of Felix Mendelssohn, Alexander Glazunov, Antonin Dvorak’s 8th symphony, as well as a symphonic sketch “A Ritual Dance of a Shaman” – one of the first works of the Yakut composer Zakhar Stepanov.
A concert solo performer and a talented violinist Ivan Pochekin played two concerts for violin, both of them lyrical and requiring a consummate performance. In 2002 the musician made his debut at the Big Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, where he performed the Prokofiev’s Second Violin Concert. Since then the violinist has been giving successful concerts in Russia, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Japan. The musician has taken part in various international festivals in Russia and abroad. He has been playing in the Russian E. F. Svetlanov State Academic Symphonic Orchestra, the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, the Moscow Philharmonic Society’s symphonic orchestra, the Russian National Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moscow State Academic Symphonic Orchestra directed by Pavel Kogan, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Urals and others.

Setting course for the professionalism
The Yakutia Philharmonic Society’s general and artistic director Natalia Bazaleva informed about the big plans the symphonic orchestra was having, which included giving concerts in the Republic and participating in events in Moscow to be held in celebration of the 380th anniversary of Yakutia’s integration into Russia in the Bolshoi Theatre, the Mariinsky Theatre and in the Gostiny Dvor in Kremlin.
A professor and consultant of the Yakutia Higher School of Music Mark Berlyanchik expressed his satisfaction at the changes in the cultural and musical life of Yakutia that had happened over the last several years. “The long-awaited inauguration of the Republic’s Philharmonic Hall that completed the creation of a full-fledged musical art infrastructure in Yakutia opens up new ample opportunities for aesthetic, artistic, spiritual development of the population, and first of all, of course, that of the youth”, - he noted in this address to the Chairman of the Republic’s Government. The professor also emphasized the particular importance of the fact that the Philharmonic Society management, by establishing close artistic relationships with leading musical institutions of Russia and major foreign figures, from the very beginning is setting course for a high professional level of the philharmonic concerts. According to Berlyanchik, it also stimulates public interest in the serious academic music.
The US Consul for Culture, Press and Education in Vladivostok Dae Kim, who was making a working visit to Yakutia, expressed his admiration for the professionalism of musicians of the Republic’s symphonic orchestra and noted the Yakut artists’ great performance skills. “It is good to see that your Republic spends enough on culture, this does produce a noticeable effect”, - the Consul stated in his conversation with the First Deputy Minister of Federal Relationships and External Relations of Yakutia Mikhail Kulikov.

Andrei Borisov, the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of Yakutia: “The Gosteleradio (State TV and Radio) symphonic orchestra fell apart twenty years ago so quickly that by the time we could gather our wits it was already broken down. But now we are going to create a real symphonic orchestra that will play not only in all parts of the Republic, but I hope beyond its borders as well”.