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23:20 | Aug 07 | 2012

Our birdie is not afraid of students

Yakutia through the eyes of foreign students.

During the first week of May Yakut residents got a chance to have a look at their Republic “from a different angle”, to see trivial things in a new way. It became possible thanks to the photo exhibition “Yakutia through the Eyes of Foreign Students” which took place in the Cultural Centre of the North-Eastern Federal University “Sergelyakhskie Ogni”.
Dozens of students from all over the world study in the Republic, there are many foreigners among the teaching staff as well. Students from the society NEFU International decided to arrange a charitable photo exhibition of works of students who came to Yakutia from other countries. “Photographers” from France, China, Germany, Finland, Australia and the USA took part in the exhibition.
Works of Rebekka Manke and Andre Fitsshe from Germany especially stood out. Andre has been studying in Yakutia for a long time and he is going to stay here for two more years – so much he grew fond of our Republic. However, he has not seen a Yakut summer yet, while, judging by the photos, he came to love winter.
And the photo of 24-year old Tyan Go Pin from China depicts … a sparrow. One would think, what is special about it? It was unusual for the girl though, because in China birds fly away as soon as a person approaches, while here she managed to come to the birdie quite closely. In this and other photos the student wanted to stress the harmony with nature which is characteristic of Yakut residents.
Another guest from China – Khan Tin Khuai captured branches of trees covered with snow lace. Looking at this photo, you want to see such a beauty with your own eyes.
A Yakut wedding is depicted on the photo of Khristoph Khaiet from Finland. The event combines both European and local cultures: on the one hand, there is a classic wedding dress and a groom’s suit, on the other hand, olonkhosut (the host) wears national clothes.
At the opening of the exhibition students from Finland performed a song to the accompaniment of a guitar, students of the NEFU made a sketch about the associations which Yakutia forms among people, Mister Saxophone made guests happy as well. All the participants of the exhibition received diplomas: there were no winners or losers, each work was considered to be unique and informative.

Nadezhda GURIEVA