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21:52 | Aug 08 | 2012

United we stand

2012 – The Year of Peoples’ Unity and Friendship.

380 years ago Cossack ataman Peter Beketov founded the Yakut Ostrog (English: Yakut Burg) on the bank of the Lena - this date is considered to be the year of inclusion of Yakutia in the Russian state. Almost bloodless obedience of the Yakut people to the Russian crown was one of the main achievements of toions (headmen) of the Sakha people.

Tolerance – it is serious
At the present moment more than 100 nations live on the territory of Yakutia, and in such a multinational land "tolerance" has never been an empty word. Besides, the term "tolerance" is one of cornerstones of the policy conducted by the republican government.
Last autumn the President of Yakutia Egor Borisov, while speaking at the final meeting of the Republican Forum «Spiritual potential of the society in innovative development of Yakutia», declared 2012 –to be the Year of Peoples’ Unity and Friendship. At the beginning of this year the government of the republic announced the main list of the actions devoted to further consolidation of the society and the civil world. It is planned to hold 182 events at the republican level. The largest among them are the V International Sports Games «Children of Asia» and the International Sports Forum «Russia — Country of Sports».

Stability plus idea
Basic theses of the Year of Peoples’ Unity and Friendship were stated during the IV Assembly of Yakutia’s Nations in February.
The first Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on federal organization, regional policy, local government and the North affairs Alexander Matveev noted that «Yakutia is famed for stability of interethnic relations and respect for people of different nationalities». According to his point of view, in many respects such situation has been developed due to a firm position of the republican leaders.
The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mikhail Nikolaev told about the necessity to create distinct ideological reference points, the national idea, answering to national values and purposes. «Any state, which aspires to stability, should consider national interests of the inhabiting nations», - he informed.

No future without past
The President of the Republic Egor Borisov emphasized that «multinationality is not a problem, but an invaluable treasure of our republic. The friendship of nations of the republic has been built upon the base developed in time of the Soviet Union. This experience is unique and invaluable. We shouldn't cancel the past. It is important to analyze sensibly and to use carefully this experience, developing its best traditions and achievements. It means continuous constructive dialogue between authorities and public formations. The Assembly of Nations, as one of operating institutes of the civil society, can undertake to find a solution of this task».
Egor Borisov declared that social and economic policy of the republic will be conducted basing on sensible and objective forecasts, specific programs, action plans. The president sounded a thought that without knowing the past, one cannot build the future, and one more time he urged scientists of the republic to start creation of a fundamental history of Yakutia, because the last chronicle of the republic was written in the 50s last century. He hoped that this fundamental work would be free of political and ideological dogmas and would express an objective role of all nations in the development of Yakutia.