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18:05 | May 10 | 2012

To the attention of Gosstandart

Frozen milk can also be useful.

In Yakutia it was decided to prove that the Gosstandart developers are not right: the frozen milk contains nutrients and other values. The very aim was pursued by the organizers of the event held on February, 20 at Namsky area where the 109 kg milk super briquette was demonstrated.

To secure a record the Record organizer "East and North" communication agency (a subsidiary of "Sitim" media group) invited Denis Belozerov, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and food policy RS (Y); Vadim Goryunov, the Russian Committee planet records` registration chief arbitrator; representatives of the Mass media. Under the attendees` supervision the tank was filled with 110 liters of milk, produced by "Tunal" livestock complex of Namsky area Modutsky agricultural community.
Further, according to the eyewitnesses, the Yakut Santa Claus – Chyskhaan solemnly announced that the winter had done its good work - frozen the milk, and advised everybody: "Eat and drink only healthy food and beverages and be as strong as our Yakut frost!"
Indeed, since the old times the Yakuts endured severe frosts thanks to high-protein food, particularly the whole milk, which they got frozen and stored. Now the tough federal standards prohibit milk storage in a frozen form, so the record organizers pursued a practical purpose - to explore frozen milk and with the help of Yakutian delegates to State Duma of RF further initiate the amendment to the 88 Federal Law on the technical regulation for milk and dairy products.
And meanwhile Vadim Goryunov, the record arbitrator, made a note into protocol about the unusual milk briquette weighing 109 kg. Modutsky agricultural community and “Sitim” media group representatives followed him by signing the protocol.
The largest briquette of frozen milk was placed into ice-house – The Kingdom of Permafrost – located in the bowels of the "Chochur-Muran" mountain. Milk will be left in the glacier for long three months to find out if the nutrients are safe inside the milk.


Vadim Goryunov, the Russian Committee planet records` registration chief arbitrator:
- Russian Committee does not register all the records, there`s plenty of applications. But when we got acquainted with the idea of the project of the "East and North" communication agency (M. Khristoforova, general manager), we realized that this record is worth attention. The impression of the event was unforgettable. The organizers provided us with a real holiday in the national style with contests, concert in Modutsky agricultural community of Namsky area. The young and old people, the entire community gathered. Certainly they are going to remember this event for a lifetime. The ceremony of purification and blessing was very interesting. Chyskhaan, the local Santa Claus, even frightened me - I did not even imagined such an image. Merely horns are worth seeing! I admired Chyskhaan.
I saw with my own eyes the cows being milked and milk produced immediately frozen. 100 liters seem to be not so much, but 200 liters would harder get frozen. Everything is done naturally, with no tricks. I wondered if it will get really frozen. Severe frost being kind of a national brand has done its job solidly and never disappointed the public. I`ve never seen such frost as in Yakutia, though, the locals said the temperature was quite warmer that day. Northern hospitality, kindness and cheerfulness also impressed me so much. The whole day seemed to be woven out of kindness, beauty and ancient traditions.
It was my first visit to Yakutia where I was shown The Lena River, admired the huge expanse of the valley Tuymaada from the viewpoint. I was struck by the fact that young people are happy to take over the cultural traditions of ancestors. I think that such people will live forever. The projects of the students of Namsky Art College in the traditional style impressed me with its outstanding beauty. It's just amazing that so young and skillful girls and boys are involved into this. New generations of Yakuts are bright bearers of traditions. According to what I saw, I realized that Yakut people are very, very talented.