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23:03 | May 03 | 2012

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Mira Maximova: «In Yakutia I am Chinese, in China I am Yakut»

For many of us Internet has become part of the lifestyle, something we devote a lot of time to. Young Yakuts are not an exception. But like most young people around the world they remain passive consumers. There are not many active bloggers. And among them Mira Maximova is distinguished not only by her energy, the size of her audience, but also by the positive impulse she brings to the world.

Name directed to the future
Every name means something. All our names are derived from words that have a meaning – either a long forgotten original, or a direct one.
At the time of strained relationships between China and USSR Mira’s parents, – her farther was a political exile from China and her mother was a Yakut teacher, – had such a strong desire for peace that they decided to give their daughter the name Mira (derived from the Russian word “Mir”, which means “Peace”).
After collapse of the Soviet Union our country’s relationships with China considerably improved. Today, our two nations have coincident priorities in many areas. Along with other regions of the Russian Federation, Yakutia actively develops relationships with China and its provinces. Cooperation with partners in China is one of the main priorities in developing Yakutia’s external relations.
A Yakutia republican social organization “Society for Friendship with China” operates in the Republic. What makes this organization unique is that it was created not as a Russian branch, but as a self-standing institution. The Society’s main objective, according to its Chairman of Executive Board Lui-Den, is exchange in spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Yakutia and China. The Society closely cooperates with the Republic’s Ministry of Federal Relationships and External Relations, the Yakutsk Representative Office of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Society seeks to work in all areas: business cooperation, joint projects in culture, medicine, education and construction.
So it looks like Mira is in fact the name that is directed to the future.

She is always welcome
Mira and her husband have been living in China for long, but they never forget about Yakutia. Mira often makes phone calls to Yakuts who live in China. She is often consulted when someone needs to meet somebody in China, needs help with a translation, etc., and the lady with a big heart seeks to help everybody. Mira is always a welcome guest, since such an open and cheerful person is always welcome.
Mira fluently speaks four languages, and in other four she can express herself. But, as Mira says, languages are just means of communication; the most important thing is what you can tell people, what kind of person you are.
Mira applies her talent for languages both to her job and to her creative activities, a difference between the two being sometimes difficult to see. And she has a lot of job to do: she is a language teacher, an interpreter and translator, a songwriter; she shoots and provides voice for video clips. People seek to get in touch with Mira, so she is always busy.
In her leisure time Mira plays various musical instruments, translates things that she personally likes, writes poems, stories, songs and music, draws caricatures, makes various “handmade” things, social video clips, and even shoots mini comedy films with her friends. She often invites Yakuts living in China to take part in various creative video projects. Mira has close relationships with representatives of the Sakha Diaspora society abroad, and helps to administer several Yakut groups in the social network “Vkontakte” (vk.com): “Yakutsk is my city”, “Ehr Berdeh” and others. The girl has a lot of followers in social networks, which means she can share her vision and her thoughts with thousands of people.

Love – always and everywhere
But what has made the girl especially popular among the young audience is her activity in YouTube. Clips on Yakutia, on Mira’s own creative works are simple, sincere and easily understood by everyone, whatever his or her country or language is: here you will find what you are after and learn a lot of interesting and wise things.
In the blogosphere Mira tells the world about her small motherland - Yakutia. Mira says: “In Yakutia I am Chinese, in China I am Yakut, and I am proud of it!” These seemingly simple words suggest a great sense of responsibility. At whatever fast pace globalization advances, we all remain representatives of our nations and countries. The way we behave, the ideas we share and the lifestyle we choose affect the rest of the world’s perception of our motherland.
Mira believes that the Republic has set a very right course of development. She specifically welcomes the active propaganda of sports and healthy lifestyle, web sites on Olonkho with texts and audio, the Yakut online dictionary, development of domestic tourism, web sites on khomus and khomus therapy and many other things.
Whatever she does is filled with positive energy, kindness and love. The very philosophy of the girl with a telling and succinct name is Love. Love in everything. Love as a pure energy.
Mira and her restless creative activity is an excellent example of the concept of globalization, a separate individual, and promotion of a territory’s image having intertwined into one, the way one person can affect other people’s lives and change them for better.

Savina Danilova