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11:12 | Aug 15 | 2014

Two men from Yakutia and Amur region cross Bering Strait in ice water

 Grigory Prokoptchuk, a citizen of the city of Yakutsk, and Alexander Brylin, a resident of Amur Oblast have crossed the Bering Strait setting a new record in open-water swimming.

The athletes covered the 5-kilometer-long distance from Little Diomede, USA, and Big Diomede, Russia, in two hours. They beat a record set by Lynn Cox 27 years ago.

Alexander Brylin and Grigory Prokopchuk swam across the Bering Strait on 1 August 2014. They have become first men who literally swam from the USA to Russia.

They swam in the northernmost latitudes on the junction of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, at the date line in the Bering Strait waters. The water temperature here remained within 3-6 degrees range. Grigory Prokochuk covered the distance between Little Diomede, USA, and Big Diomede, Russia, in freestyle over 1 hour 57 minutes, Alexander Brylin came to the finish in 2 hours 17 minutes in breaststroke. They were accompanied by the third member of the Russian team, a life guard Viktor Godlevsky, reports the Amurskaya Pravda newspaper.