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10:19 | Jul 28 | 2014

Yakutsk to host World Students Boxing Championship

 On September 8-15, 2014, for the first time Yakutsk is to host the official international start – the VI World Boxing Championship among students. These competitions are held every two years. The previous championship took place in Baku, Azerbaijan in November 2012. Vladimir Maximov, Head of the Children of Asia International Sports Games Directorate, tells about the preparation to such an important event

- Mr. Maximov, how many boxers from Yakutia have a chance to represent the Russian national team at the World Championship?

- In 49 kg category, Vasiliy Egorov, a silver medal winner of the 2013 Russian Championship, is 99% sure to participate; now he is competing at the All-Russian Students Competitions in Kazan. So, all being well, we are going to see Egorov at the Students Championship in Yakutsk.

The final selection to the World Championship out of the first and second numbers of the Russian youth team is taking place in August in Tyumen. From our republic, three athletes are going there: Vasily Egorov, Gavril Popov in the 52 kg category and Darman Kutubekov in the 56 kg weight category. The World Championship participants will be chosen in test combats. Chances of Popov and Kutubekov are estimated at 50 to 50.

- Girls in three weight categories are taking part for the first time in the history of the World Students Boxing Championships. Does the republic have candidates to the girl’s team?

- Sargylana Mestnikova had good chances to participate, but the Russian team chief coach Roman Podoprigora has decided to include the first numbers in female boxing, only. So, now our chances are small.

- How many countries are coming to the World Students Championship in Yakutsk? How big are their teams? Are we going to see famous boxers?

- 14 countries have informed of their preliminary consent to come, including Hungary, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Switzerland. We are expecting some 130 athletes from 20 countries. There will be no best boxers from Asian countries, since they are having the Asian Games from 19 September. I think that despite this, the Championship is going to be representative. Other teams are going to bring their first, second and third numbers, so the audience is going to witness exciting matches.  

- The World Championship is starting is less than two months. What is being done now? Is everything ready for such an important event?

- We are negotiating with various countries. From 1 September, we are starting to prepare the competition venue – the Triumph Sports Complex. There will be a modern Olympic ring meeting all AIBA requirements. Five representatives from the International Boxing Federation are coming, as well as from the Russian Students’ Sports Union. Three referees from Yakutia with the AIBA international category are going to be side and ring referees. 100 volunteers are going to help. For the first time, Yakutsk will see the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. It is a significant event for us, as well.

The awarding attributes have been approved. We are going to have a presentation of them. The Championship medals are in somewhat in the Yakut style: they have some precious alloys and stones mined in Yakutia.