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17:35 | Oct 07 | 2014

NEFU students became winners of International Mathematics Olympiads in Israel

 In the Super Final of IV stage of Open International Internet Mathematical Olympiad, held from September 29 to October 2 at Ariel University (Israel), students of the North-Eastern Federal University Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Dzhulustaan ​​Nogovitsyn and Aital Dyakonov were among the best.

“154 students of mathematics from Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel and Russia gathered in Ariel, to test themselves and show off their knowledge. Traditionally, the Russian students reached the Super Final and showed good results in Round III, held in May 2014 on the basis of the Volga State Technological University. There were 62 students from 27 high schools of Russia in the Super Final. The NEFU was represented by students of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Dzhulustaan ​​Nogovitsyn and Aital Dyakonov, "- told NEFU Associate Professor Evgeny Sharin.

On September 30 there was individual championship among the best mathematicians. Personal Olympiad is held in the traditional way, that is, all participants are invited to solve ten tasks of various complexity, the given time is four hours. After that the international jury of the Olympiad starts its work. According to the results Dzhulustaan ​​Nogovitsyn was awarded the diploma of the third degree. Aital Dyakonov showed one of the best results and was awarded the first degree diploma and the Olympiad bronze medal.

“On October 1 the team competition was held among 28 teams.  The championship is held in the form of quiz Olympiad, that is, both teams are given one task. Depending on the complexity of the task, the given time could be from 15 up to 30 minutes. At the end of the allotted time, all teams are required to give their decision to the jury, which immediately checks and sums up.  Very intense and strenuous struggle resulted in the first place of the Moscow team, composed of students of Moscow universities. The team of our university took the fourth place and was awarded the diploma of the second degree, and bronze medals, "- said Sharin.