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16:30 | Oct 06 | 2014

Yakuts appeared before Japanese Emperor Akihito at the Festival of Martial Arts

 For the first time in the history the Yakut delegation attended a martial arts festival in the Year of the martial arts exchange Russia - Japan, which was visited by Emperor of Japan Akihito.


At Nippon Budokan arena the Russian athletes presented national martial arts. Including such Yakut famous athletes as Nikolay Choukrov, Ivan Belolyubsky, Evgeny Ivanov, Anatoly Baishev, Yuri Starostin and Vadim Semenov showed hapsagay techniques and mas-wrestling to the strains of khomus by known Honored Artist Albina Degtyareva.


"99% of Japanese people have never seen the Emperor alive. And it's a great honor to participate in an event attended by the Emperor" – told Deputy Chairman of Almazergienbank Nikolay Baramygin who accompanies the Yakut delegation in Japan.


According to him, the Emperor of Japan is a kind of living deity, so for the Japanese to appear before the eyes of the Emperor is considered to be a miracle of heaven. “In the history of mankind it is for the first time when the Emperor himself beheld the Yakut people”- said Baramygin.


When listening to the anthem of Japan, many Japanese could not hold back tears of joy that they were honored to be next to the Emperor. And this is a historic event for each of the Japanese, about which they will tell their children and grandchildren.


The Martial Arts Festival is one of the rare cases when not only the Japanese could see live Emperor, but the Yakut people had this honor of as well.