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14:36 | Oct 06 | 2014

The first adaptation center in Yakutsk

 Adaptive physical culture is an essential component of the entire system of rehabilitation for people with disabilities. It is known that any acquired disability poses a man the problem of adaptation to life in his new role; it is usually connected with the necessity to develop new life-saving skills.

The Republican Centre for adaptive physical education and sport is designed to help adults and children with disabilities to become full citizens, as well as to bring the sport to the masses. The Center deals with adults and children with disabilities, as well as those who just love sports and active lifestyle.

The Center workers create the conditions for physical culture and sports, both for people with disabilities and non-disabled. In the huge building of the Center there are a swimming pool "Samorodok", tennis, sports and fitness facilities with the latest modern equipment of the Finnish company "Hur". All fitness equipments are pneumatic and on manual control, one can set the tempo or increase the load without the help of the instructor. In the center people can also practice judo, wrestling, weightlifting, athletics, goalball, archery, shooting, table tennis etc.

The workers of the Center are especially proud that in just 9 months of work, they were able to hold 13 championships; more than 200 athletes have taken part in them, as well as X Jubilee Spartakiad for disabled, attended by more than 700 people with disabilities. This institution dispatched 37 athletes, representatives of the national team of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), to take part in the Russian competitions. All services in the Center are free for children with disabilities, wheelchair athletes and orphans.  For school children up to 18 years old, large families and adults with disabilities who are not involved in sports - 50% discount.

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