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13:17 | Oct 06 | 2014

Best Families of Yakutia

 The winners of republican competitions "Urban family - 2014" and "Rural family - 2014» are families with an active lifestyle who have made a contribution to the development of family policy of the republic, and increased the prestige of a large family, leading a healthy lifestyle.

10 applications were submitted from the cities of Aldan, Verkhoyansk, Olekminsk, Mirny, City District "Zhatay" and Yakutsk for the competition "Urban family-2014", and 9 applications from Amginsky, Aldan, Verkhoyansk, Namsky , Olekminsky, Srednekolymsky, Ust-Maya, Churapcha regions were submitted for the competition "Rural family - 2014".

The family of the Pavlovs from Yakutsk, Andrey and Sardana, won in the category "Urban family - 2014", they brought up 6 children, and the family of the Stukanevs, Alexander and Nataliya, who gave birth to and brought up four children, Aldan.

In the category "Rural family - 2014" the winners are: the family of the  Ryazansky Innokenty and Tatyana, from the village of Nalimsk, Srednekolymsky region, with 5 children and the family of Egor and Sakhayana Fedotovs from the village of Bolugur, Amginsky region, 6 children.

All these families will participate in the final event - Republican Festival "Family of the Year 2014" with the Prize of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in December this year.